Doctor Strange 2: ‘Wanda in Mirror Dimension’ Leaked Footage Is a Major Plot Twist

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A couple of days ago, new leaked footage of Doctor Strange 2 revealed Wanda Maximoff inside the Mirror Dimension. And as always, fans started churning up the theory mill. Why was Scarlet Witch even in the Mirror Dimension in the first place? What were Strange’s intentions when he let her into the dimension? Does the Doctor Strange 2 trailer show that she is trapped or did she enter willingly?

Wanda in Mirror Dimension - Leaked Footage
Wanda in Mirror Dimension – Leaked Footage

This new Doctor Strange 2 leaked footage may have flipped the script on all the theories that have come up on Multiverse of Madness. And an all new theory posits that Doctor Strange 2 will see Wanda entering the Mirror Dimension for a whole new reason. If true, this could reveal a major plot twist we would not see coming.


SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness up ahead….

Mirror Dimension – Why Is It So Important In Doctor Strange 2

Mirror Dimension - No way Home
Mirror Dimension – No Way Home

The Mirror Dimension is shown to be a parallel reality that co-exists within the fabric of the cosmos. It is there and not there at the same time. Only powerful sorcerers are able to open up a portal to the mirror dimension. The dimension is mostly used by sorcerers to practice powerful spells that may cause significant damage to life and property if used in the real world.

Mirror Dimension - Ancient One
Mirror Dimension – Ancient One

The parallel dimension can also be used in combat. Since only people with a sling ring can open up a portal to the mirror dimension, if a sorcerer manages to trap an enemy there, they will stay there until another portal to the dimension is opened. It can also be used to manifest gateways that can absorb any number of powerful attacks and deflect them back at the user. The Mirror dimension has several uses and it has been featured extensively in Doctor Strange, Infinity War, and No Way Home.

Why is ‘Wanda in Mirror Dimension’ Leaked Footage So Important?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - Wanda Maximoff
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – Wanda Maximoff

As we have already seen in Doctor Strange, the Mirror Dimension can be used by a sorcerer with a sling ring to trap opponents. Doctor Strange has even tried to use this ability in the past, when he trapped Kaecilius and his Zealots in the dimension. But they did break out of it in the 2016 movie. Kaecilius and his zealots had access to dark magic, courtesy of their link to Dormammu.

Doctor Strange 2 Theory
Doctor Strange 2 Theory

And this is where this new Doctor Strange 2 theory comes in. The theory states that at some point in the movie, Doctor Strange and Wanda will be at loggerheads. Wanda did show her displeasure at how she was treated for breaking reality while Strange was lauded as a hero for doing the same. Maybe somewhere in the movie, Scarlet Witch turns evil and Strange is forced to trap her inside the mirror dimension to slow her down.

Wanda Embraces The Darkhold & Becomes Chthon’s Avatar, Breaking Out of the Mirror Dimension

Doctor Strange 2 - Evil Wanda
Doctor Strange 2 – Evil Wanda

The next question would be – why would Scarlet Witch become evil? What would she gain by going rogue? Remember in WandaVision’s post credits sequence, as wanda is reading the Darkhold, she hears the voices of her dead children. A mother would go to any extent to protect her young ones. And if it means becoming a supervillain then so be it.

Scarlet Witch Becomes a Villain - Doctor Strange 2
Scarlet Witch Becomes a Villain – Doctor Strange 2

Halfway through the movie, Doctor Strange will realize Wanda’s true intentions were always malevolent. He would trap her inside the Mirror Dimension, thinking that the threat is averted. But Kaecilius has proven that dark magic allows a sorcerer to manipulate the dimension without a sling ring. And Wanda has the Darkhold, a literal encyclopedia of dark magic. Scarlet witch would use the Darkhold’s spells to break out of the Mirror Dimension and become evil Wanda as shown in the trailer. And then she attacks the Illuminati Citadel as an avatar of Chthon after the Elder God takes over her body.

This is how the Multiverse of Madness begins!!!



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