MCU: Doctor Strange’s Strongest Spells He Can Cast Without The Time Stone

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Doctor Strange has some of the strongest spells ever known in his arsenal. And for most of these, he does not even need the Time Stone. Here are the strongest spells of Doctor Strange that still makes him a magical juggernaut.


Memory Manipulation

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This spell is so strong it can break open reality itself and create rifts in the Multiverse if cast wrongly. The ability to erase one’s memories is something that can be considered a very powerful skill. But the power to do that to the whole world, making them forget certain events ever occurred, that is near Godlike. Two times he cast that spell in the No Way Home movie. The first time, it led to merging of different universes. The second time, it did what it was originally supposed to do. The world forgot Peter Parker was Spider-Man. So powerful is the spell that not even Parker’s closest friends could recognize him.



This is one of the most underutilized but still one of the strongest spells in Doctor Strange’s arsenal. Duplication spells allow the sorcerer to cast multiple copies of himself onto the battlefield. These clones can mimic your abilities and even give you a numerical advantage in a fight. Against Thanos, the Duplication spell was quite effective, managing to bind him even though he was wielding the Infinity Gauntlet at the time. The only way to counter a Duplication spell was by using an area of effect attack like Thanos did with the Power Stone.


Chasm Tendrils

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Strange used this spell in Endgame. The spell works by opening huge chasms underneath the enemy. Out of those chasms come out huge purple colored tendrils of light that catch hold of the foes and drag them underneath the ground. Chasm Tendrils may be one of the strongest spells in Strange’s arsenal because it is a surefire method to kill a large number of foes when backed into a corner. Maybe he reserved this spell for the final Endgame battle as a final ace up his sleeve. Once it is cast, there is no escape.

Mirror Dimension

Mirror Dimension

Probably the most well-known spell of Doctor Strange, it allows him to traverse the mirror dimension. A separate dimension where normal laws of physics do not apply, the Mirror Dimension is a terrifying place to be left stranded on if you do not have a way out. People with Sling Rings are basically Gods within the Mirror Dimension. The ability to shape and mold an entire world to do your bidding must sure come in handy.

Elemental Transmutation

Matter Transmutation

They should show this ability more in the movies. Because as far as strongest spells of Doctor Strange go, this one needs a mention. Doctor Strange can use magic to manipulate matter itself. we all know the infinite beer mug Strange gifted Thor with, something that even left the Asgardian stunned. Thanos saw one of his attacks being turned into a pack of butterflies when Strange used elemental transmutation on him. We would definitely like to see Doctor Strange‘s elemental manipulation ability more in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


Portal Generation


He does not even need the Space Stone for this. Using just magic, Strange can transport himself as well as others across vast distances. Portals have always come in handy for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the past, and not just to Doctor Strange. They allowed the entirety of the snapped heroes to return to the battlefield during Endgame. If used properly, it could even kill and maim enemies like what happened to Cull Obsidian.


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