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‘Don’t think anybody else could have played them better’: The Flash Fans Honor Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen and Candice Patton’s Iris West Relationship as Final Season Ends Legendary Run

'Don't think anybody else could have played them better': The Flash Fans Honor Grant Gustin's Barry Allen and Candice Patton's Iris West Relationship as Final Season Ends Legendary Run

The main attraction of superhero movies and TV series is the action and grandeur of how strong the main character can be, among many other things like the character’s origins and personality. But there’s always been room for a dynamic where two people love each other, and The Flash’‘s Barry Allen and Iris West’s relationship is one such dynamic that has fans going crazy.

Of course, a relationship like that of Clark Kent and Lois Lane is the gold standard here, at least for the DC lovers. But there’s no other relationship in the DC world that fans would argue is better than the love that Grant Gustin and Candice Patton have for each other, and they mean it.

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Barry Allen and Iris West

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The Flash’s Barry Allen And Iris West: A Brief Throwback

To make things clear, and as every dedicated The Flash fan would know, Iris West and Barry Allen’s relationship is not one of two lovers but that of two best friends who are in love. Let’s have a little throwback to how the love started and grew between the two popular characters from the TV series who have been the subject of many fandom shipping debates.

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Iris West and Barry Allen

Grant Gustin and Candice Patton’s characters first met when they were just children and continued to remain friends ever since then. Fans would know that Eddie Thawne came in between the two when Barry Allen was in a coma, but the former’s honorable death at the end of season one paved a way for the relationship between Allen and West to grow once more.

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One thing leads to another and the relationship between Allen and West kept growing as the seasons for The Flash kept coming out. A significant milestone in their relationship came about when the two finally got married in Season 4 of the TV series despite a brief interruption by Nazis.

It’s truly a relationship that has been well-written and thought out with many interesting moments in the TV series that further strengthen the love that the two characters have for each other, and it’s beautiful.

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The Flash Fans Are Stanning Barry Allen And Iris West’s Relationship

Barry Allen and Iris West’s relationship, and the development of that relationship into a fruitful marriage is what keeps fans of The Flash going to this day. Now that season nine of the beloved TV series is almost out (literally yesterday), it’s only fair that fans would want their relationship to progress further.

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Iris West and Barry Allen

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There’s a lot more to do even though they’re married. But fans, for the time being, are enjoying how cute the love that the two have for each other-

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That’s cute –

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It was quite funny too-

She’s super goofy-

That’s what you get with actors who were made for the role! –

Fans will have to pray and hope that the last season of The Flash doesn’t end up giving an unworthy conclusion to Barry Allen and Iris West’s relationship.

The Flash is currently available for streaming on The CW.

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