Dr. Disrespect Finally ‘Completes’ Call of Duty: Warzone Before Promptly Uninstalling the Game

Dr. Disrespect completed Warzone...well, kind of.

Dr. Disrespect Finally 'Completes' Call of Duty: Warzone Before Promptly Uninstalling the Game


  • Dr. Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers in the current video game streaming scene and is known for his persona.
  • The streamer usually streams FPS games and has also delved into the video game industry recently by co-founding the studio Midnight Society.
  • Recently, Season 2 of Warzone came in with an update requiring either 5 wins in a row or 30 wins in total to trigger a special win condition.
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Dr. Disrespect is one of the most prominent names in the video game streaming scene, and the individual is known to have a compelling persona on camera that appeals to his viewers. The individual also recently ventured into the video game industry by confounding his studio, Midnight Society.


Call of Duty: Warzone is also one of the industry’s most popular battle royale titles, but being an online PVP title, it cannot be completed like single-player games. But the streamer claims he has completed the title and went ahead to offload it from his system.

Dr. Disrespect “Completed” Warzone

Warzone Season 2 introduced a new victory condition.
Warzone Season 2 introduced a new victory condition.

Anyone who is not a Warzone fan or unaware of the game’s offerings might not know what getting a particular win condition entails. To summarize, the regular condition sees all operators jumping into the battleground and one must be the last survivor to win the match.


This is also familiar to all of the other battle royale titles. As one would imagine, the title’s primary game mode is PVP, played online with other players fighting to secure victory and be the last one standing. So technically, no, one cannot complete the title, as there isn’t anything to complete. One can complete objectives and achieve milestones, but even those are repeatedly refreshed as the game offers new content.

One thing that the game does offer, however, is a way for a star player to get one of the most flashy ways to win a match. This is only possible due to the Champion’s Quest contract being added recently to the game’s latest seasonal update. One can unlock a secret win condition in the next match if one wins five matches in a row or 30 matches in total.

One has to find three hidden maps, and doing so will trigger an in-game nuke, and one will instantly trigger a “Champion’s Domination” victory.


Dr. Disrespect’s Move After Getting the Champion’s Domination Was a Shocker

Dr. Disrespect actually uninstalled the title after getting his first nuke win in it.
Dr. Disrespect uninstalled the title after getting his first Nuke win in it.

As seen in the video posted on his YouTube channel, the streamer shared highlights of the significant moments in his stream, including the ones in which he got the five wins required to get the “Champion’s Domination” victory condition in the next match.

After that, the streamer was elated and found the three hidden contracts required to arm the nuclear bomb, which would make the entire battleground inside the game explode. The streamer protected the bomb before it went off for a while, and then, as it should’ve been, it exploded, and the streamer was awarded his first Nuke win in the game.

In the next frame, the streamer uninstalls the game after going to his Steam account library.


It was certainly something that wasn’t expected at all, but it was most certainly called for, as getting five wins in a row and then successfully defending the bomb before it went ballistic was undoubtedly a big deal.

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