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Dragon Ball: Goku’s Biggest Failures That Prove How Pig-Headed He Is

Goku may be an idol for many all over the globe. But the Saiyan hero is not flawless. There were times Goku made some really dumb decisions that made us all face-palm!!

Not Using The Instant Transformation Technique Properly

Instant Transformation

Over the years, Goku has learned a lot of powerful techniques. But the most unique amongst them is the Instant Transformation technique. A supplementary technique, Instant Transformation allows Goku to convert his body into pure energy and literally teleport across time and space. As long as he has an energy source to lock on to, Goku can teleport to any part of the universe no matter the distance. But his usage of the technique is faulty at best. For example, Goku let Frieza get to earth first and did not teleport himself there using Instant Transformation because he sensed “someone” was already on his way to meet Frieza in battle. That logic makes zero sense.

Jeopardizing Multiple Universes By Suggesting The Tournament Of Power


Zeno is the most powerful being in all of existence. The child like God could end universes at a whim if he wanted to. And of all the people in all the universes, the only person Zeno actually ended up listening to was Goku. Zeno and Goku share a level of camaraderie not even the Gods of Destruction enjoy with Zeno. Goku could have easily convinced Zeno to spare the universes and give everyone another shot. But instead, he suggested Zeno holds the Tournament of Power because Goku likes to fight. That’s a level of selfishness we don’t see often in shonen heroes.

Provoking Zamasu Into Going On His Mortal Killing Spree


Zamasu hated mortals with a passion. He thinks all of them are low-life cockroaches that have next to no value. So when a mere mortal by the name of Goku spars with him and brings the God to his knees, Zamasu starts having second thoughts on mortals. Based on Goku’s levels, Zamasu comes to the conclusion that mortals will one day surpass the Gods in terms of power just like Goku has. So in a future timeline, he kills Goku’s friends and family, takes over his body, and destroys all universes to wipe out the mortals. Had Goku been more considerate in that battle or maybe pulled his punches, the Future Trunks timeline would not have been so bleak.

Being A Deadbeat Dad & Husband

Worst Father/Husband Ever

Well most of the times, Goku is fighting one otherworldly, universe ending threat or another. But he is not always up to playing the guardian angel. There were many times he could have just been there for his family but decided to stay away from them because of his lust for combat. After he learnt the instant transformation technique, Goku wantonly took a slower spaceship rather than just teleporting back to Earth. He chose to stay in the afterlife for 7 whole years, not giving two bits about his sons and his wife. He is one lousy father and husband.

Letting Cell Eat A Senzu bean


During the Cell Games saga, a battered and bruised cell is about to have a final death-match with Gohan. Goku, ever the shining knight with a pig-headed brain, decides to even the playing field. So he gives Cell a Senzu bean to consume. Senzu beans are magic beans that completely restore a person’s stamina and energy. Cell, who was hell-bent on destroying the planet, and then move on to other worlds to wreak havoc on, should not have got his hands on a Senzu bean. The fate of the entire planet was on the line. After eating the Senzu bean, Cell goes on to give Gohan the beating of his lifetime.