Dragon Ball Theory: Gohan’s “Ultimate Form” Will Replace Super Saiyan, Make Him The Next Goku

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Despite Goku being the original protagonist of Dargon Ball, many other Z warriors have proven their mettle in combat. Gohan for example, has shown incredible potential ever since Dragon Ball Z. The first-born son of Goku was the youngest Super Saiyan in existence till Goten and Trunks later broke his record. The Tournament of Power arc in Dragon Ball Super saw Gohan unlock a whole new transformation. The Elder Kai unlocking Gohan’s “Mystic” form is the key to unleashing a whole new level of power within the Dragon Ball universe.

Ultimate Gohan

One probable aftermath of this would be that the legendary and iconic Super Saiyan form may cease to be. It will probably be replaced by Gohan’s new form in the future of the Dragon Ball universe.

Gohan’s Ultimate Form Is The Future Of Dragon Ball

Gohan – The Next Goku

Dragon Ball Super saw Gohan rediscover his spirit for combat when he had a brush with Frieza. The encounter helped Gohan see he still had more than enough potential to break through his limitations. The Hybrid Saiyan got to work, trained hard, and with the help of Elder Kai, unlocked a whole new level of power. The Ultimate Gohan transformation came just in time before the Tournament of Power arc was about to begin. Despite his father being vastly superior, having unlocked the power of Super Saiyan Blue, Gohan managed to stay on par with him. The Mystic or Ultimate form is still a mystery despite having incredible potential. Gohan vowed to make himself stronger in his own way rather than following on the footsteps of his father.

Gohan Let Go Of His Super Saiyan Heritage

Instead of training like his father has all his life, Gohan will forge his own way and follow an entirely different methodology to unlock a whole new level of his Ultimate form. But what does that mean in the long run?

Ultimate Gohan Is Already Lightyears Ahead Of The Super Saiyan Form

Gohan In His Ultimate Form

Gohan’s mission of finding his own path did bear him fruits. Goku and Vegeta have trained conventionally, progressively increasing their base power levels to break past their physical limitations. The Super Saiyan transformations are testament to that fact. Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego are new power levels Goku and Vegeta achieved because they trained themselves even harder. While they do increase their power levels, such transformations have a visible toll on Goku and Vegeta’s bodies. Higher Super Saiyan transformation levels, Ultra Instinct, and ultra Ego are very hard on a Saiyan’s body. Apart from a visible change in personality, the strain is enormous and if overused, can kill them.

A Flawless Transformation

Gohan on the other hand, can tap into his ultimate form at a moment’s notice. he does not go through personality changes and the strain on his body is near negligible. He does not even get a change in physical appearance. In a fight, having total control of your actions is paramount. Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego makes one’s actions erratic. Gohan’s Ultimate Form does not have those flaws.

Gohan – Dragon Ball Super

Goku has already claimed earlier that Gohan has unlimited potential in his Ultimate form. There is no power ceiling for Gohan if he keeps on training. In his Ultimate form, Gohan can still discover new levels of power, something Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has already shown to be possible. Gohan and his daughter Pan could already be training by the time of DBS: Super Hero and unlocked new power levels of the Ultimate Form.

What’s Next For Gohan?

This is a way for Gohan to take his rightful place as the successor to Goku’s mantle and the future leader of the Z warriors. That was something we caught a glimpse of in Cell Games. There are hints of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film having a superhero arc. Maybe Toriyama is indeed planning to give our Great Saiyaman the credit that is long overdue?


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