Dragon Ball: Badass Facts About Bardock, Goku’s Father

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You know so much about Goku. But how much do you know about Bardock, Goku’s father? Here are some interesting Bardock facts you never knew.


He Is Why Frieza Is So Scared Of Saiyans

Bardock – The First Super Saiyan

Ever wondered why Frieza went to such extreme lengths to kill all the Saiyans? Turns out he had a very good reason to do so. When Badrock was seemingly ‘killed’ by Frieza, it was later revealed he hadn’t died. Instead he was transported back in time to Planet Plant. There he fought Chilled, Frieza’s ancestor and went Super Siyan. Chilled escaped but on his death bed, he asked his people to be wary of the power of the golden haired Saiyan warrior.

Was Once The Masked Saiyan

Masked Saiyan

Dragon Ball Online is an obscure MMORPG based on the anime and manga series. Set 216 years after the finale episode of Dragon ball Z, Earth is now full of martial artists. the Majin are also a race that live on the planet. Mira and the Time-Breakers, a group that uses time travel technology to conquer worlds, unleashes a masked Saiyan on Earth. That Saiyan turns out to be Bardock, who was snatched from the past and put under mind control.


He May Have Multiple Siblings

Raditz vs. Goku

Raditz, in Dragon Ball Z, reveals that he is not just Goku’s blood relative but in fact his own brother. That distinction is a bit murky to prove but we will take his word for it. Bardock, even when he mentioned he is the father of Goku, failed to say that he already had another son named Raditz. The indifference he has when it comes to his own family proves Bardock may be hiding the fact he has other siblings he doesn’t care about. Even Akira Toriyama has confirmed this.

His Base Form Is More Powerful Than SSJ4


In Dragon Ball GT, Bardock goes head to head with multiple Z Warriors. And that includes SSJ4 Vegeta and Goku. While battling them, he is also fighting Piccolo, Trunks, and Beat. he does not take any damage while fighting them all simultaneously. That is no easy feat. But then he ups the game by even fighting SSJ4 Gogeta to a standstill. Even a combined attack by all available Z Warriors is not enough to take him down in his base form.

He Can Transform Into SSJ4

Bardock SSJ4

Even in his base form, Bardock can repel multiple SSJ4 Saiyans. He eventually becomes on himself. Considering Dragon Ball Heroes being pushed into more and more obscurity, it is hard to pin his actual power levels now. Although we know Bardock was not the last Saiyan to reach SSJ4. Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, was also able to achieve the SSJ4 form later on.


He Is A Secret Jimmy Cliff Fan

Who Isn’t?

Bardock knowing an earth celebrity sounds pretty bizarre. But he has actually used an iconic Jimmy Cliff line. In the Bardock Special, we see Bardock with Frieza’s entire army on his tail. The flashback’s original dub had a very strange line spoken by Bardock – “I would rather be a free man in my grave than living as a puppet or a slave.”  That’s a classic Jimmy Cliff quote. Considering the amount of time travel he has done, we shouldn’t be so surprised.

He Hated Goku Because His Son Was Weak

Bardock Meets Goku

Bardock cares very little about his kids. All he ever cared for was power and strength. His kid must be the strongest of them all. Bardock never bothered to meet an infant Goku. But when he did, the wimpy kid’s unimpressive power stats made him frown and he started hating his own son. Who knew that the son he hated so much would end up becoming his universe’s most powerful warrior to ever exist.

He Is Dragon Ball’s Jor-El

Jor-El – Superman

Jor-El is the father of Superman in DC Comics. And there is more than enough proof to admit that Jor-El and Bardock are pretty much the same. Both fathered the universe’s greatest warrior. And then they sent their kid to Earth because their home-world was destroyed. Their sons ended up saving the universe in more ways than one. Bardock was clearly inspired by DC Comics’ Jor-El and even Akira Toriyama has never denied this theory.


He Debuted In The Anime & Later Jumped To Manga

Debuted In Anime

Akira Toriyama never created Bardock. That honor goes to the Dragon Ball Z anime. Bardock was supposed to be just a minor character from the series but he proved to be exceedingly popular. So Akira Toriyama later drew him into the manga and the rest is history. This made Bardock a very unique character with a somewhat unique backstory.


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