6 Bizarre Facts About The Original Super Saiyan Form All Dragon Ball Fans Must Know

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Probably the most iconic transformation in anime history, the Super Saiyan form has many bizarre facts Akira Toriyama is hiding from you.


The Reason Super Saiyans Didn’t Exist For So Long Is Because The Saiyans Are Bad Historians

Super Saiyans Were A Myth

The myth of the Super Saiyan form did exist within the Saiyan race. But it was treated as such – just a myth. There were individuals like Guru who knew of the Super Saiyan form so obviously the legend did have some credibility. It was a lack of good quality, gifted Saiyans along with Saiyans not being able to chronicle their history that led to the race forgetting about this legendary form. Goku unlocking this form eventually led to the surviving Saiyans unlocking this form one after the other.

Goku Had Already Achieved It Before Frieza

Lord Slug

Well his hair didn’t go yellow and his eyes did not go green, but Goku did achieve a version of Super Saiyan form during his fight with Lord Slug. King Kai was convinced Goku had unlocked his Super Saiyan mode. It was eventually revealed to be a Pseudo-Super Saiyan form. A Saiyan can achieve this form if they have unlocked the Super Saiyan form but do not have the necessary emotions to drive and channel it through their body. This form is quite similar to the Ultra Super Saiyan form in a manner of speaking.


There’s A Personality Shift

Goku – Super Saiyan Base Form

The Super Saiyan form amplifies strength, speed, and reflexes to Godlike levels. But that is not everything it enhances. A certain range of emotions like rage and bloodlust are also amped up. For example. Broly loses his cool when he unlocks his second form. Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the surviving Saiyans become visibly more enraged when in the Super Saiyan form. The more control you have over your anger, the stronger you get as a Super Saiyan since you can keep your primal emotions in check. That way, your judgment isn’t clouded.

Bald Saiyans Grow Hair In Their Super Saiyan Form


Remember Nappa – Vegeta’s warrior pal? In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Nappa shows he too is capable of turning into a Super Saiyan. Super Dragon Ball Heroes shows us Nappa unlock Super Saiyan 3. In this form, the bald Nappa grows hair on his head and a goatee on his face. Super Saiyan forms do lead to bodily transformations but Nappa’s case is just weird and strange.

Hybrid Saiyans Have A Better Chance Of Going Super Saiyan Than Pure Blooded Saiyans


Ever wonder why Gohan, Goten and Trunks were able to unlock their Super Saiyan form at such a young age while Goku and Vegeta took soo long? The reason is hybrid Saiyans have a better probability of unlocking this form. Pure blooded Saiyans have trouble mastering it. Toriyama credits it to the amount of S-Cells in a Saiyan’s body. S-Cells determine a Saiyan’s Super Saiyan transformation potential and apparently Hybrid Saiyans have more of it than pure Saiyans.


Super Saiyan 2 & 3 Aren’t As Efficient As Super Saiyan 1

Super Saiyan 3

This has been confirmed by Toriyama himself. When Goku pushes his body to go Super Saiyan 2 & 3, he is merely making his body push past its normal limits. This puts a strain on his muscles and that’s why Super Saiyan 2 & 3 burn through Goku’s Ki like hot knife through butter. It is only after Goku and Vegeta master Super Saiyan Blue that they gain a more stable and efficient version of the Super Saiyan form.

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