Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Showcases a Brand New Character with ‘More power, more speed’ Promise

Majin Vegeta takes fans by storm after making appearance in Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero trailer.

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  • Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero showcases Majin Vegeta, a lesser-known, significantly buffed, evil version of Vegeta.
  • Fans have expressed their approval wholeheartedly at the character's inclusion.
  • The inclusion of Majin Vegeta shows the game's respect for the original Dragon Ball lore.
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Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero has introduced a brand-new character to its already-packed roster in the form of Majin Vegeta. Keeping up with their promise of ‘more power, more speed’, Majin Vegeta’s introduction is sure to shift the character hierarchy in the game, especially at the top.


Majin Vegeta is one of the forms of Goku’s long-term rival and foil, Vegeta. One of the most evil forms of Vegeta, Majin Vegeta was created by Babidi in the hopes of resurrecting Majin Buu.

With a significant boost in power and muscle mass, Majin Vegeta appeared in the Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero trailer as he sported the iconic mark on his forehead as he faced off against one of Goku’s Super Saiyyan forms.


Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero Brings Back Babidi’s Evil Touch

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero Majin Vegeta

Towards the second half of the trailer, a little-known form of Vegeta, an evil one, makes an appearance. Featuring only once in the Dragon Ball series, this form of Vegeta was created when he willingly gave control of his mind to Babidi to receive a major boost in power that he needed to defeat Goku.

Babidi tapped into Vegeta’s dormant evil and awakened them to unleash Majin Buu. Later, Majin Vegeta broke Babidi’s mind control and sacrificed himself in an attempt to stop Majin Buu, thus redeeming himself in the eyes of the fans. Fans are already flooding the community forums with enthusiastic posts regarding how much they are looking forward to the character.

With the introduction of this character, the developers delved into the Dragon Ball lore to recreate the iconic rivalry of Goku and Vegeta.


Majin Vegeta Already a Potential Fan Favorite?

Majin Vegeta

Fans have already taken to community forums to sing praises about the character’s appearance in the game. With Budokai Tenkaichi returning after a 16-year hiatus, Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero is already one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Expected to be released towards the end of 2024, players and fans are already itching for the pre-release sales to start.

Quite understandably, fans are excited about the return of the beloved franchise. But no release date has been confirmed yet. Although a 2024 release date is expected, there is no official update as of the moment of writing this.


The popular 3D arena brawler franchise is set to take advantage of the Unreal engine and the latest technology to provide an immersive Dragon Ball experience that fans have been demanding for quite a while now.

With the return of the beloved franchise imminent, Bandai Namco CEO, Arnaud Muller said that Sparking! Zero is set to be “one of the most immersive anime game experiences of all time“.

What do you think about Majin Vegeta’s inclusion in the Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero roster? Which character are you most looking forward to? Do you plan on getting the game on its release?


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