Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Devs Announce Last Content for Kakarot, and it Looks Like the Perfect Palette Cleanser Before Newest Game Drops

Dragon Ball Z fever is still raging.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Devs Announce Last Content for Kakarot, and it Looks Like the Perfect Palette Cleanser Before Newest Game Drops


  • Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot introduced the final DLC just before the launch of Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero.
  • In Goku's Next Journey, you can battle with Pan, the granddaughter of this saiyan, and Ubb, the reincarnation of Majin Buu as a human.
  • This content is already available in the season pass of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.
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One of the most popular anime of all time is Dragon Ball, after the announcement of Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero fans are eager to test this new Budokai Tenkaichi successor. In the meantime, Dragon Z: Kakarot will launch a new content DLC.


The season pass of the game makes the appearance of the last Dragon Ball Z chapter before Super. This DLC is called Goku’s Next Journey and introduces the human reincarnation of Majin Buu, called Uub, the next disciple of Goku. This content is available today.

Just before the Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero launch, Kakarot launches a new DLC

Players and critics highly praised Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, which was launched in 2020. Fans score the game with an 8.1 in Metacritic. This title makes you travel across all the history of Dragon Ball Z, from Raditz to the Majin Buu saga. All with a very good combat system and well-designed open-world mechanics.


After that, Bandai Namco continued to release DLC content for the game, with the coming of Bills and new transformations with that. The season passes, and the game keeps adding content. The final chapter of this DLC is already available, and it’s called Goku’s Next Journey.


This new DLC will introduce the last years of Goku on earth before the ending of Dragon Ball Z. His granddaughter Pan will be a playable character, as will Uub, the human reincarnation of Majin Buu. This particular chapter of Goku was before the beginning of Dragon Ball GT, a particular anime that was never canon in the Dragon Ball saga. For the moment, there is no confirmation about a new Season Pass for the game, as well as more content in general. 

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Launch is Unknown

Bandai Namco is also promoting what could be the greatest Dragon Ball game in a long time, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is the successor of the Budokai Tenkaichi franchise. This title will have more than 120 playable characters and will cover the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super arcs. So fighters like Jiren, Bills, and many more will be added. This could bring lots of changes to the dynamic of the game. 

There is no official release date for the game or even the year of launch. Some rumors are pointing out that Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero will come some time in 2025 or at the end of this year.


Other leaks are talking about more trailers being released in the next couple of months showing more playable characters in the game. Bandai Namco has not given more details. 

Tell us what you think about the new Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC.


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