Drop Dead Gorgeous: Hottest Female Comic Book Characters, Ranked


Comic book fans all over the world fall head over heels for these comic book women. And with good reason!! Who can say no to them?!?!

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Jade Nguyen has an American father and a Vietnamese mother. Senator Robert Pullman fathered her when he was stationed in Vietnam when he was young. Jade ended up becoming one of the deadliest assassins in the DC Universe who specialized in all forms of poison known to man.

Amora The Enchantress



Amora, better known by her alias – The Enchantress, is an Asgardian who specializes in high level Norse magic. She uses her beauty and guile to make all men submit to her. The only man who has been able to resist her charms is Thor, for whom Amora has developed a deadly obsession.


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Batman’s love interest who keeps popping in and out of Bruce Wayne’s life, Catwoman is more than just a burglar. The infamous cat thief is a sex symbol with many fans all across the globe. If you haven’t heard the name Selina Kyle, you must be living under a rock.

Talia Al Ghul



Daughter to Ra’s al Ghul aka the Demon’s Head, Talia inherits not just her father’s vast empire but also his exotic looks. Talia managed to enchant Batman, the coldest of all men, which is no small feat. She radiates both beauty and power.

Black Cat

Black Cat Comic Cover Art


Technically Black Cat was an imitation of DC Comics’ Selina Kyle. But over the years, Felicia Hardy has carved out her own niche. Her feline traits and features only end up amplifying her charm. Spider-Man falls head over heels for Felicia Hardy every time he sees her. She gives Mary Jane an inferiority complex.

Mary Jane Watson

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When you think of hot Gingers, the name that immediately pops in your mind is Mary Jane Watson. The long time love interest of Peter Parker is a force to be reckoned with. She is, as fans like to call her, perfect girlfriend material.

Power Girl

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Her most obvious well-endowed anatomical feature is her bust. And Power Girl never misses to show it off. The infamous ‘b**b window’ caught a lot of steam within a storm of controversies when Power Girl first debuted in the comics. We have come to live with it in peace, for obvious reasons.




Many call Zatanna elegant, graceful, and poised. She is one of DC Universe’s greatest magic casters, coming from a long line of wizards. Her spells may not save the day all the time but her love spells will keep you hypnotized forever.

Black Widow

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Black Widow was considered one of the hottest women in the comic books even before Scarlet Johansson starred as her in the MCU. A very capable martial artist and master of espionage, Natasha Romanoff was trained to use her sexuality to extract information. She was literally trained to look hot!!




Captain Britain’s sister – Betsy Braddock, is a mutant with the ability to form a sword out of telekinetic energy. she is very agile and quick on her feet, a well rounded fighter in close quarter combat. Psylocke’s approval ratings from our pals in Britain are through the roof.


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She may be blue but so will you be, once you see Mystique getting down and dirty. Her shape shifting powers allow her to take the form of any person. And that’s just icing on an already over-filled cake.

Emma Frost

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Emma Frost is the heir to a billion dollar fortune. But she decided to go her own way and make her own empire. She was stupendously successful in becoming a tycoon on her own. Her blonde hair coupled with her choice of white wardrobe is the reason why everyone calls her The White Queen. Frost openly admits she uses her looks to her advantage if necessary.




Could there be a list about hot comic book women without Ororo Munroe being in it? Her people call her a Goddess. She even looks like one.

Poison Ivy



Another ginger and extremely attractive woman, Poison Ivy is a friend or a foe depending on the circumstances. One thing’s for certain though. Everyone wants to be her friend.

Wonder Woman

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And the hottest woman of all time will always be Wonder woman. Diana of Themyscira was raised in an island of incredibly gifted women. And she is their most prized possession.


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