Dune: Awakening ‘Spice Vision’ Needs to do a Minority Report to Avoid Disappointing Over-expectant Fans

Staying in the present would be better for the survival.

Dune: Awakening 'Spice Vision' Needs to do a Minority Report to Avoid Disappointing Over-expectant Fans


  • Dune: Awakening is yet to get an official release date but it is very likely to arrive this year only.
  • The survival game is said to include several elements from Frank Herbert's series which the films failed to do.
  • Now fans of the popular franchise are expecting the game to include one feature that resembles Minority Report.
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The universe that Frank Herbert originally created in the books holds a lot of elements that movies might have missed. The latest Dune game is one proper opportunity to do justice to this universe. In a way, it already is doing that. For one, it got the different incarnations of Shai-Hulud right. In addition to that, players will finally get to see the great storms of Arrakis.


But there are aspects that the game may not feature initially, like sandwalking. There’s no official release date for the game but Funcom’s game will likely arrive in 2024 only. And as the now invincible date closes, fans are attaching high expectations with it. They are expecting the in-game character to be more like Paul Atreides.

Curiosity Might Kill The Cat if Developers Do Decide to do This

Spice can enhance an individual's capabilities in the series.
Spice can enhance an individual’s capabilities in the series.

Melange, or, as it is known in the series, Spice, is one essential commodity in the Imperium, originating on planet Arrakis. It provides a range of benefits, including heightened awareness, an extended lifespan, and vitality, to anyone who comes into contact. However, it also grants an additional perk to a select few: a look into the future.


In the movie, when Paul is surrounded by the spice while spending the night in the desert, he sees visions of a holy war in the future. Fans want such a feature to be included in the game too. One user called neon_spacebeam writes on the social network Reddit, “I’d hope the spice vision isn’t simplified into just x-ray vision or something, but instead tries to replicate dreams of future scenarios or clues.

byu/PurpleRain___121 from discussion

This is akin to something that Minority Report employed. The Tom Cruise starrer movie featured a “Precrime” police program which allows law enforcement to peek into future crimes so that they can stop them before they happen. It would be interesting as these visions can serve as fragments that players would piece together that lead them to their fate.


Dune: Awakening is a Chance For Creators to Catch Players Off Guard

Players will begin as a small-time character in Dune: Awakening.
Players will begin as a small-time character in Dune: Awakening.

Fans are eagerly waiting to brave the sands of Arrakis in the upcoming MMO game. For now, they had gotten to live in the universe imagined through the words in Frank Herbert’s novels or seen in the movies. Although the game is likely to arrive this year only, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it gets delayed, given the beta tests and other developmental work.

It has been clarified that players will step into the shoes of small-time characters to make it big in Arrakis. Presumably, they’ll get to see the major characters from the series while they are inscribing their own story. Moreover, the game’s events are said to take place in an alternate timeline, so the players can expect to be caught off guard.

A pre-alpha teaser and an announcement trailer are currently available on video-sharing platform YouTube. Until the game arrives, fans can pull the details that others might have missed from them.


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