Dune: Awakening Will Allow Players to Go Lone Wolf in Arrakis But Game Warns it Might Not be the Safest Option

Developers tease more details about the 'lone wolf' mode for solo players in Dune: Awakening

Dune: Awakening Will Allow Players to Go Lone Wolf in Arrakis But Game Warns it Might Not be the Safest Option


  • Dune: Awakening recently updated its FAQs section on Discord.
  • The devs shared new details about how players can sign-up and get selected for the game's closed beta.
  • Additionally, the devs also teased some details about the lone wolf mode.
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Developed by Funcom, Dune: Awakening was recently released and got hands-off demos over the past few days. The team also updated their FAQs recently adding some new details about the upcoming game.

Dune Awakening
Dune Awakening

While the official release date is still months or maybe even a year away, the latest developments and details shared ensure that the community is engaged. The latest FAQs talked about closed testing, the NDA, and how players can sign up for the next set of tests.

Dune: Awakening closed beta

The open-world survival Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Dune: Awakening recently updated the FAQs on their official Discord channel. Through the FAQs, they answered and addressed several questions about the game for the fans.


The major highlight of the latest announcement was the update on the game’s closed beta. Although the Closed Beta sign-ups for Dune: Awakening have been available since late last year, the recently updated FAQs answered plenty of questions that players may have about how players will be selected for the beta and when.

A still from Dune Awakening
A still from Dune Awakening

Players who are interested in participating in the next yet-to-be-announced closed beta for Dune: Awakening, can sign up by filling out their survey. However, players must remember that signing up does not guarantee them a spot.

Nonetheless, players can still increase their chances of being picked according to the FAQs. The devs mentioned that players who are active members of their Discord can get a direct path to participate in future tests. Additionally, once selected, players will mandatorily have to be part of the Discord and sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) as well.


Dune: Awakening will allow players to go lone wolf

In addition to details of the closed beta, the developers also revealed some new details for solo players. On their official X handle, the game account posted details about the benefits and hazards of becoming a “Lone Wolf”.

The post read,

“Playing as a lone wolf is a viable way to traverse the dunes, however, forming relationships and gaining allies can give an advantage to your survival on Arrakis. “


Along with the “Lone Wolf” update, a user named ‘The Joker’ asked the developers if the upcoming title will have an option for private lobbies. To this, the devs confirmed that the private lobby feature will not be available in the game at launch, at least. They added,

“Dune: Awakening is an MMO and you will need to connect to any of the available servers. Once playing, you’ll be able to group up and form alliances with other people. We will publish an article soon regarding the online structure of the game.”

According to the official website, Dune: Awakening will blend the creativity and grit of sandbox games with the social interactivity of large-scale MMO components to give players a unique experience.


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