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Dwayne Johnson Switching Sides From WB to Disney With $221M Movie Sequel With Emily Blunt Following Black Adam Humiliation?

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While there had been a lot of speculations regarding what Dwayne Johnson had in store for following his Black Adam debacle at DC Films, there has been little to no evidence of the Hercules star gearing up for something major such as his prior quest to take over the DCU. Thus, with the recent night of The Academy Awards still being explored in every bit of detail, there have been reports of something that The Rock might be cooking with Emily Blunt.

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson
Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson

With the recent behind-the-scenes from the 95th Oscar Awards that were filled with excitement, joy, and fun, there have also been certain backstage events that were posted by The Academy which have shown how many stars interact with each other off-screen. During this, we also got a glimpse at the duo of Johnson and Blunt having a wholesome moment with each other, which might be signaling another rodeo of the two at Disney.

Dwayne Johnson Has Fun Sitting On Emily Blunt’s Lap!

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt promoting Jungle Cruise
Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt promoting Jungle Cruise

The entire world knows Dwayne Johnson for his tough and bada*s persona mixed with his electrifying attitude to do what he wants to and make it grand, and there are many from the Hollywood industry who are also familiar with his calm and composed nature, especially the people who have worked with him in the past. Amongst them, Emily Blunt seems to be one of the few that really get along well with the Central Intelligence star, so much so that she’s willing to let him rest on his lap.

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After the night of the 95th Academy Awards came to an end, there was still a steady stream of media that flowed from the venue of the event. In this stream, The Academy also decided to reveal some backstage pictures of the night. In one of those pictures posted on Twitter by the institution, people saw the huge Johnson sitting on Blunt’s lap, which made for a gag for all those who saw this on their feed.

This backstage picture was taken moments before the duo went up on stage to announce the winner of the award for Best Animated Feature Film, which went to Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinnochio. Thus, the close interaction between these two stars has fueled speculations about the stars returning to Disney for another installment of Jungle Cruise.

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The Rock Might Return For A Jungle Cruise Sequel!

A still from Disney's Jungle Cruise
A still from Disney’s Jungle Cruise

After facing a humiliating situation with his endeavor to take on the DCU with Black Adam and failing miserably, The Rock has not been actively seeking any new projects that were as prominent as his plans for DC Films. But with the recent interactions with Blunt and an opportunity to start something new and grand all over again, mixed with the fact that the actress loves working with the Baywatch star, it might not be surprising if we find out later that The Rock was cooking something all along.

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Jungle Cruise, now streaming on Disney+.

Source: Hollywood Life

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