Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Resurgence at Netflix Should Potentially Revive Zack Snyder’s DCEU Amid Speculations

With the movie that put the final nail in DCEU's coffin regaining momentum, the speculation surrounding a DCEU revival also surges.

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Resurgence at Netflix Should Potentially Revive Zack Snyder’s DCEU Amid Speculations


  • Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam witnessed a spike in viewership on Netflix, which further adds to the speculation of the revival of the DCEU on the streaming platform.
  • Apart from Black Adam, Zack Snyder's positive stance on the matter also gave the campaign a massive boost.
  • However, considering they have a plethora of projects under their belt moving forward and the WBD has showcased no interest in the matter, the possibility of this becoming a reality is near zero.
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Before Netflix put Physical media out of business, the box-office collection wasn’t a movie’s lone source of generating profit, as they also relied heavily on DVDs, Blu-rays, and UHDs. This allowed movies that initially underperformed on release to regain momentum, thus ensuring their future wasn’t put on ice by the studio execs at the top. However, with physical media becoming obsolete, underperforming at the box office is often the final straw, which seemingly held true for Dwayne Johnson’s future in the DC universe.

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But that isn’t to say that in the days of streaming, a resurgence isn’t possible, and after a year since its box-office disappointment, Black Adam is regaining momentum after debuting on Netflix.


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Dwayne Johnson " Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson | Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Witnesses an Upsurge After Initially Bombing a Year Back

While physical media are no longer there to back up movies after their box-office run, in certain cases, an upsurge in streaming numbers has contributed to a project being put back on the map. One recent example is Suits, which originally ended in 2019 after 9 seasons, and is set to make a return, following the surge in its viewership, thanks to Netflix. And with Dwayne Johnson‘s Black Adam ranking 8th on the Netflix viewership chart, alongside fellow DCEU entry, Suicide Suad (the bad one), it has further added to the speculations of a DCEU revival.


Considering Black Adam‘s failure was one of the major points behind DC’s overhaul, its resurgence has added fuel to fans’ campaign of wanting WB Discovery to sell the rights of the DCEU to Netflix. Although it’s highly unlikely that the upsurge in Black Adam‘s viewership would push the campaign to become a reality, Zack Snyder’s comments on the matter did give it a major boost.

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Black Adam (2022)
Black Adam (2022)

Zack Snyder Will Absolutely Continue the DCEU if Netflix Attains the Rights

Even though he didn’t directly tackle the ongoing fans’ campaign of wanting WBD to sell their invaluable characters to Netflix, Zack Snyder did entertain the idea of continuing the DCEU. Speaking with Cultura Ocio, the Reber Moon director explained that he is open to finishing the DCEU that he kickstarted back in 2013 if Netflix attained the rights. He said,

“If Netflix had the rights to the characters from my DC universe, of course I would, absolutely”

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Zack Snyder's Justice League
Zack Snyder’s Justice League

While Snyder’s comments and the resurgence of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam might’ve boosted the speculations, keeping in mind both have a plethora of projects lined up, a DCEU revival is pretty improbable.

Black Adam is available to stream on Netflix and Max.



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