Elden Ring DLC Garden of Eyes is Everything You Need to Tide You Over Until Shadow of the Erdtree

The Garden of Eyes mod might be what Elden Ring fans need while they wait for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

elden ring dlc


  • Fans awaiting Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC are exploring various mods to keep busy.
  • The Garden of Eyes mod adds new gameplay mechanics and a plethora of new content to explore.
  • However, the mod is being received with mixed reactions due to the sheer amount of content and a paywall.
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Since the announcement of the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, FromSoftware fans have been grasping for any new bits of content they can get their hands on to fill the growing Elden Ring-sized hole in their hearts.


While the DLC is still a ways away, fans of the highly acclaimed action RPG have turned to mods to keep occupied for the time being—particularly, the Garden of Eyes mod that is being hailed as an expansion at the level of a full-blown DLC. While fans have mixed reactions to it, there’s no doubt that it’s turning many heads in the FromSoftware community.

What is the Elden Ring DLC Garden of Eyes mod?

elden ring dlc


The Garden of Eyes mod is a substantial overhaul for Elden Ring, introducing numerous new areas, boss fights, weapons, and more. Drawing inspiration from older FromSoftware titles like Bloodborne, the mod incorporates weapons and gameplay mechanics, such as gun-parrying and trick weapons, providing a fresh experience for fans.

The class-based progression and dynamic difficulty of the mod may appeal to fans who want a bigger challenge. Players now start in different map areas based on their chosen class, adjusting the overall difficulty accordingly. For example, an Astrologer starts in Raya Lucaria with a difficulty similar to Limgrave from the base game, enhancing replay value with unique challenges.

Beyond altering progression, the expansive mod pack also aims to enrich Elden Ring‘s narrative. An upcoming feature will give each class a unique story, experienced as character memories. These memories unveil brand-new areas and boss fights, delving into previously hinted elements of the Lands Between lore.


Garden of Eyes can be a little much

A new world of Elden Ring dlc content awaits players in the Garden of Eyes mod
A new world of Elden Ring content awaits players in the Garden of Eyes mod

However, accessing the extensive content can be overwhelming, with some players expressing concerns about the abundance of powerful weapons that affect the game’s power balance. One player suggested:

“I know this is probably going to get downvoted but I don’t get the hype around the mod so much. I mean sure, credits and props to the creators of it but it feels… Like too much. So many of the weapons just feel so excessive, in a game where you play as a Tarnished of no renown I don’t think you should be able to wield the full force of the galaxy.”

To access the mod, players must subscribe to the mod team’s Patreon—meaning, they must pay a minimum of $5 to try out the mod themselves. This has left a sour taste in some players’ mouths:

”I don’t mind mods doing some OTT stuff, but I do mind when mods are just fully paywalled. Is the mod really popular enough, where it can be described as overrated?”

Another user expressed an opposing opinion in favor of the paywall:


“About the mod quality i have no idea, but about it being pay-walled: So content creators (streamers, youtubers etc) can use free mods content to make money while playing it/using a mod but a mod dev who spends a fuck ton of time creating/improving(?) stuff cant ask for your support, so that he can do this fulltime? No one is making u pay, u if u dont like it move on.”

Despite mixed reactions, the attention on the mod highlights the level of enthusiasm and anticipation fans have as they wait for the eventual release of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Undoubtedly, the Garden of Eyes mod team has invested considerable time and effort to enhance the Elden Ring experience for an eager and wide audience. Have you given the mods a shot? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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