Move Over LetMeSoloHer, Elden Ring Has Just Seen a Far More Impressive and Difficult Feat Completed 

Elden Ring streamer completes a no hits taken run of the game with a randomizer mod that changed each item and enemy.

Move Over LetMeSoloHer, Elden Ring Has Just Seen a Far More Impressive and Difficult Feat Completed 


  • Elden Ring streamer LilAggy completed a legendary run of the game without taking a single hit while using a randomizer mod.
  • It took the streamer over 1000 tries and 11 months to accomplish this feat.
  • This feat is almost as insane as Melania-killer LetMeSoloHer's free Melania kills for other players.
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Elden Ring features some of the nastiest boss fights in the history of gaming. Two of them, Melania and Radahn are immensely difficult and time-consuming to defeat. However, a player named LetMeSoloHer has been a messiah for people trying to kill Melania.


With his avatar of a jar stuck on the head, no clothes on, and dual-wielding katanas, LetMeSoloHer has helped countless Elden Ring players get a free Melania kill, turning himself into a legend in the process. Even Bandai Namco tracked down the player, whose real name is Klein Tsuboi, and gifted him a package that carries a katana identical to the ones his avatar uses.

However, streamer LilAggy has completed a feat in Elden Ring that pales all others in comparison. He has completed the entire game without taking a single hit. And if that is not impressive enough, the player was using a randomizer mod that changed every item and enemy.


LilAggy’s Impressive Elden Ring Feat

Elden Ring trailer scene

For the past 11 months, streamer LilAggy had been at it to get through the entirety of Elden Ring without withstanding a single hit. Players who have played the game know exactly how ridiculous this sounds and would wholeheartedly understand why it took LilAggy an entire year to somehow complete the feat once.

Opting to play with a magic-oriented build was a no-brainer for the streamer as what better way than to pepper your enemy with ranged attacks? But it was not all so easy thanks to the randomizer mod. This mod changed things so drastically that one can end up battling a dozen Melanias across the game.

One thing that this mod did was change the tutorial boss to an avatar of the Erdtree. Having found no equipment yet, he was forced to dispatch the Erdtree avatar with nothing but his shield to boot. Now, that is an impressive feat.


All Hail the Randomizer

Elden Ring scene

The randomizer mod spewed forth some truly bizarre scenarios for LilAggy to roll with and he did so seamlessly. Instead of fighting against Margit the Fell Omen, he had to go up against the Godskin Duo. And this is just one example.

It is only thanks to these weird randomizations that it took LilAggy over a thousand tries and 11 months to get this done. But now that it is done, one cannot argue that it is no less a feat than LetMeSoloHer’s Melania kills.

Whether Bandai Namco tracks down and rewards LilAggy too is too soon to be speculated. But one thing is certain, LilAggy has earned his place in the Elden Ring Hall of Fame.


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