Elden Ring: YouTuber Ends Strength vs Dexterity Debate With ‘One-Shot Bleed God’ Build – The Daywalker

For players looking to one shot Malenia, this is the ultimate build.

Elden Ring: YouTuber Ends Strength vs Dexterity Debate With 'One-Shot Bleed God' Build - The Daywalker


  • 'Elden Ring' is a game all about customizing and finding out which build fits a player well.
  • Most players usually end up confused between dexterity and strength stats.
  • But one 'Elden Ring' YouTuber seems to have made this comparison pointless by creating a very powerful strength build.
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Elden Ring is a game of different builds. If they understand this game better, every player out there would have a unique build of their own. And each of those builds would be very effective and allow them to make quick work out of numerous enemies. But sometimes, some gamers come with a build that makes things much better for them, like being able to kill Mohg in seconds, for instance.


A YouTuber has come up with a very similar build. And they have also suggested that players should try going for a strength build instead of dexterity for bleed damage. And this build seems somewhat effective, no doubt.

Here’s how one can create a powerful strength build.



A still from Elden Ring

To start with this build, players have a character that comes with a good number of points already invested in strength stats.  For this, they can easily go for the Hero class and take it from there. If not heroes, then the Samurai class would also get the job done.


Players now have to invest a certain amount of skill points in a bunch of stats. The primary focus needs to be on strength and arcane. Here’s every stat that players should invest their points in.


Vigor: Keep it at least 50.

Strength: Players need to start with 62 here, which means they at least need 62 strengths for this build, and they can go up to 80 for ultimate results.

Arcane: This stat needs to be at 45 to enhance that blood loss buildup.


Dexterity: Players just need 18 dexterity to make sure they have the minimum requirements for their respective weapons.

Endurance: Keep it at 30, as this would allow players enough stamina and weight-carrying ability to equip good enough armor for great poise.

Players need to have at least 54 poise. For those unaware, poise is a passive stat that assures players do not get knocked off their heels when an enemy hits them. The more poise they have, the less their attacks will be interrupted.


Weapons and equipment

A still from Elden Ring

Now that the character and its stats are out of the way, let us discuss the equipment. After all, this equipment is what players are going to enhance with their increased stats.


Gargoyle’s Twinblade: This is the weapon that players get when they defeat the Valiant Gargoyle boss in Siofra River. Players can only use one of these in their single playthrough, and it is an incredible twin blade with an awesome move set that helps players make quick work of their enemies.


The reason is that these blades have an incredibly high scaling with strength.

As the alternate hand weapon, players can go for the Twinned Knight Swords. They have decent scaling and strength and end up being incredible partners in crime with the Gargoyel’s Twinblade.

And if players want something even faster and more effective with bleed damage, they can go for Beastman’s curved sword.


This weapon is completely worth it for that incredible jumping-power stance attack. They are faster, and they weigh a lot less than the twin blades. The only thing is that this weapon can be found in Crumbling Farum Azula, which is a very late-game area.

For skills, players can choose from either seppuku or the bloody slash. Both of these are incredibly powerful skills that can easily one-shot a number of bosses if used with the right stats and weapons.

Armor and Talismans

A still from Elden Ring

Finally, the armor and the talismans—this is the stuff that completes a player’s build. For this one, players need to start with the headgear, and that would be the white mask. It adds 5 poise to players’ stats and increases their attack power by 10% for 20 seconds every time blood loss occurs in their wearer’s vicinity.


Use Blaidd’s armor and his gauntlets for an incredible 28 and 6 points of poise increase. This also does not weigh much, and it looks incredibly stylish. Finally, players can use the night’s cavalry greaves to add another 15 points to their poise stat. Effectively pushing the player’s final poise stat to 54 points.

The four talismans that players must equip for this build are Lord of Blood’s Exultation, Claw Talisman, Rotten Wing Sword Insignia, and the Dragon Crest Great Shield talisman. The first three help players increase their attack power, while the last one helps them negate incoming physical attacks.

This build has been figured out by none other than the YouTuber Titus Actual. It’s an incredible thing that someone tests so many builds to come up with something so awesome.


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