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Emily in Paris Season 3 Ending Explained: Did Emily Finally Choose Alfie Over Gabriel?

Emily in Paris Season 3 Ending Explained: Did Emily Finally Choose Alfie Over Gabriel?

Taking the world by storm Emily in Paris quickly became the go-to series for being a feel-good comedy drama. With 3 seasons to the episode list, the series found itself at crossroads when season 3 ended.

While season 4 of the Netflix series is already confirmed, the 3rd season was left with many cliffhangers for the audience to mull over. The solution to the love-triangle problem between Emily, Alfie, and Gabriel, might have been solved in the series finale. Here’s what the ending of season 3 of Emily in Paris meant.

A scene from Emily in Paris.
A scene from Emily in Paris.

Did Emily Choose Alfie Over Gabriel?

*Major Spoilers For Emily in Paris Season 3*

With a comedic tone and a love triangle set as the central core of the story, Emily in Paris was loved and adored by the people. Featuring Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, the series garnered international fame and praise from a worldwide audience.

Lucien Laviscount as Alfie in Emily in Paris.
Lucien Laviscount as Alfie in Emily in Paris.

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Before the release of the 3rd season, Lily Collins had teased the ending as being chaotic. The actress also used the term “feels like five episodes in one” to describe the cliffhangers with which the people would be left. After the release of the series, here’s what the Gabriel and Alfie cliffhanger ending meant for the show.

After watching Gabriel kiss Emily’s hands, his fiance Camile calls off the engagement and leaves the premises immediately. Following this, Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscout) was also there and seemingly broke up with Emily and left her with no one but herself. Before the series ended, Gabriel had also once drunkenly called Emily and revealed that he still had feelings for her. In a true Emily in Paris style drama, the episode ends with the cliffhanger of whether Emily would choose Alfie or Gabriel.

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What Will Emily in Paris Season 4 Entail?

Emily in Paris Season 4 will have many points to address.
Emily in Paris Season 4 will have many points to address.

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Although these are mere rumors, the possibility of Emily choosing Gabriel over Alfie could potentially become a core plot point of the upcoming season. The ongoing guilt of whether she made the right choice or not will factor into one of the many decisions and possibilities that the show could take any direction they want.

The plot point of Gabriel also becoming a dad before leaving Camile would surely come into play during one of the most vital moments in the upcoming season. Although unconfirmed, it is rumored that season 4 of Emily in Paris will likely premiere in the December of 2023 based on the trend of the previous 3 seasons.

Emily in Paris is available to stream on Netflix.

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