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Emma Mackey’s Dating Life is Still a Mystery- Why Did ‘Maeve’ Actor From ‘Sex Education’ Break up With Her Long-Time Boyfriend?

Emma Mackey’s Dating Life is Still a Mystery- Why Did ‘Maeve’ Actor From ‘Sex Education’ Break up With Her Long-Time Boyfriend

Actress Emma Mackey had her breakthrough with her role on the Netflix series Sex Education. The actress played the role of one of the protagonists Maeve Wiley and instantly shot to stardom as the show gained traction. She has starred in three seasons of the show, with its final fourth season set to stream on September 21.


Mackey has been private about her life and has been off social media since 2021. Rumors regarding her dating life have been rampant, as speculations surfaced about her breakup with long-time boyfriend Dan Whitlam.

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Emma Mackey And Dan Whitlam’s Relationship

Emma Mackey
Emma Mackey

Since her debut on Netflix’s Sex Education, Emma Mackey has starred in a couple of independent films and studio films such as Death on the Nile and Emily. She was last seen in the Margot Robbie starrer Barbie, where she played Physicist Barbie.

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Mackey first announced her relationship with stage actor Dan Whitlam in 2018. The couple posted a photo of themselves on Instagram. While both the actors are extremely private about their personal lives, the two showed up occasionally on their social media handles. Both of them have not spoken about their relationship in public and the only hints of them dating have been these small glimpses.

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Emma Mackey and Dan Whitlam
Emma Mackey and Dan Whitlam

Rumors about their breakup started surfacing early this year when Whitlam started posting heartfelt poetry on his Instagram that were seen as hints. The last photo of the two was on his profile when the couple attended the Cannes Film Festival in 2019. There were no hints of a breakup on Emma Mackey’s profile and in 2021 she decided to quit social media. 


In an interview with Elle during the third season of Sex Education, she said about her decision to quit social media,

“I think it just doesn’t correlate with who I am. I don’t really see why [the world should follow] someone like me, who just wants a simple life—which is hilarious because I don’t really think I’ve chosen the right job for it…I’m sure [the attention] can bring some benefits to some people, but I don’t think it works for me. It brings me a tremendous amount of anxiety and discomfort. I’m very lucky to do my job, and I know that it’s now a part of the job to do that kind of stuff, but it doesn’t have to be. I want to be able to make a choice on that matter.”

Neither Mackey nor Whitlam have made an official announcement regarding their split and the reasons remain a mystery. But the breakup is allegedly real as Emma Mackey attended the BAFTA Awards this year with her new beau.

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Emma Mackey’s New Boyfriend

Emma Mackey and Martin Aleman
Emma Mackey and Martin Aleman

The mystery of Emma Mackey’s split with her boyfriend of five years Dan Whitlam was intensified when she reportedly attended the BAFTA 2023 Awards ceremony with photographer Martin Aleman. Mackey won the BAFTA Rising Star Award and was reportedly seen sharing a kiss with Aleman while going to accept the award. Aleman apparently also posted a story of Mackey receiving the award, captioning it ‘My Love’.

The pair is speculated to have met for the first time in 2022 when Martin Aleman captured portraits of Emma Mackey for Flaunt Magazine. Neither Mackey nor Aleman have confirmed their relationship. Aleman himself has reportedly posted no photos of them together on his active profile while Mackey, as mentioned has quit all forms of social media.

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Source: Elle Magazine

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