Emmys 2022 Dipping To All Time Low of Below 6 Million Viewers Proves Awards Shows Have Become Alarmingly Obsolete

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Award shows were traditionally a gala affair that people greatly anticipated. Here, top-tier films and shows were facilitated and recognized for their excellence. Getting nominated and winning awards was considered very prestigious. These events featured stars and celebrities and attracted an insane quantum of viewership. However, off late, the enthusiasm around such events has waned. Case in point, the recent Emmys 2022 registered an all-time low viewership. We examine the reasons for the same.

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Emmys 2022 Sees a Record Low of Viewership

Emmys 2022
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As aforementioned, the Emmys 2022 was aired on NBC and saw a record low viewership of 5.92 million viewers. The record low viewership count is significant and seems to confirm a long-term trend where viewership of such shows is declining. Historically such shows were ratings gold and attracted numerous eyeballs, however, there is a steady decline in the appeal of such events and the latest figure of 5.92 million viewers for the 2022 Emmys seems to confirm this. The show itself was criticized by many for unpopular award choices.


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Award Shows Are Now Obsolete

The demographic profile of the viewers of such shows is also increasingly skewing toward older adults. This may suggest that the viewership of such shows may drop further in the coming future. Reasons for the phenomenon are plentiful. Long uninteresting shows, unpopular award choices, the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and the availability of a wide variety of content online are some possible reasons. Awards are no longer as prestigious as they were before. All this means that such shows are becoming obsolete and there is a strong need for such institutions to reinvent themselves in order for them to stay relevant. In today’s world where choices are plentiful, award shows can’t afford to slack off.


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