Encanto: 5 Easter Eggs Found By Reddit Users

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Disney’s Encanto has a lot of easter eggs hidden in the most discreet places. From the characters’ costumes down to song lyrics, there are subtle references that the audience can find. Only one needs to be keen and observant enough because these easter eggs happen to appear in a blink-of-an-eye scene.


Reddit users pointed out several easter eggs from Encanto. It is amazing how fans can spot these references within the colorful and vibrant world of the La Familia Madrigal. Check out these hidden easter eggs and see if you have also spotted them:

Bruno Lurking In The Background



In the famous “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” song, Dolores sings to Mirabel about their Uncle Bruno. She mentioned hearing him within the walls, and then in a quick motion, we see the shadow of Bruno lurking at the back. Only a keen-eyed audience can catch it at first sight.

Reddit user Fangirl_to_the_max pointed it out and asked if anyone has caught that scene. This is the most obvious hint that Bruno still lives with them and never left the house.

Mariano And Pedro

Pedro and Mariano Encanto


In a flashback scene, Abuela Alma told the viewers how she and her husband Pedro met. They first saw each other at a festival, and not long after, they fell in love. The couple had three children, and when Pedro died, Abuela Alma was gifted with a magical candle.

Back to the modern times, Isabela was betrothed to Mariano, a guy of great looks and good physical build. Reddit user ToysWereUsPodcast noticed the similarities between Mariano and Pedro. This could be a clue that the main reason why Abuela wanted Isabela to marry Mariano is his likeness to her late husband.

Subtle Frozen Lyrics Reference

Encanto Bruno Let It Go


This lyrics easter egg is absolutely one of the most brilliantly placed hints in the movie. It’s easy to spot it, and it’s as clear as the voice of Queen Elsa. Reddit user TuscaroraBeach singled out the lyrics to Bruno’s part in “All of You” which says, “Let it snow, let it go!”

Another genius observation towards it is the piano background music. Did you notice that as Bruno sings the lyrics, the melody of the song is the same as “Let It Go”?

Dolores’s Clothing Design

Dolores Encanto


There is a lot of details and preparation made for each of the character’s costume in Encanto. It has to represent something significant. Reddit user QueenStargaryen asked if anyone noticed Dolores’s dress prints.

The sound waves design on her clothes symbolizes her gift of incredible hearing. In fact, she could hear a pin drop and even the gossip of the town!

The Hamilton Turntable


In Luisa’s solo number, she performs a song entitled, “Under the Surface”. One of the scenes had her standing in the center of a turntable. Reddit user TropicLush noticed that it is a gesture towards Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton.

This turntable is one of Hamilton’s signature set designs. It’s great to see how it was incorporated in the movie and how well it turned out as part of another musical performance.


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