Encanto: 5 Times Bruno Deserves Justice

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The magical world of Disney’s Encanto is brimming with lively colors and happy moments. Everyone seems to enjoy life except for one major character, Uncle Bruno. He is one of the children of the matriarch Abuela Alma Madrigal who vanished years ago. No one talks about Bruno, as the song goes, because they all see him as the villain.


But, is Bruno really a bad guy? He was only misjudged, and his power was looked down on by people. To protect his family and their neighborhood, Bruno vanished from their sight. Because of this, fans have been demanding justice for poor Uncle Bruno.

Bruno’s Power Is Vision Of Bad Things

Bruno Powers Encanto


Bruno was gifted with the psychic ability to foretell negative things. In the song dedicated to him, We Don’t Talk About Bruno, the people all mentioned him predicting bad things, and they actually happen. This frightened everyone, and the people also became afraid of Bruno.

It’s hard to imagine Bruno’s situation as a child and seeing all these negative things in his mind. It might have traumatized him at some point, thus creating a different version of himself – Hernando – to separate himself from the bad guy that people think he is.

His Own Family Made Him Look Bad

Uncle Bruno Encanto


There is no one else who made Bruno look evil other than his own family. His mother made him feel unwanted because of his powers, and this forced him to hide from them. Pepa blamed him for ruining her wedding, and Camilo made him look like a monster and said he “feasts on your screams”.

Knowing all these must be hard for Bruno but he endured all of these because of his unconditional love for his family. He has always cared for them, and they will never know.

The Name Bruno And What It Means

Luca Bruno Encanto


It seems like Disney has put a curse on the name Bruno. In the Disney movie Luca, “Bruno” is the voice inside one’s head that whispers they are not good enough. In Encanto, “Bruno” is the antagonist who brings misfortune to everyone.

There must be prejudice towards the name Bruno, and it needs to change now. Disney’s “anti-Bruno agenda” must be stopped.

Always Cutting Him Off When He Speaks

Bruno with Sisters


The audience witnessed by the end of the movie that Bruno had a lot of things to say. After all, it has been years since he last talked to them. Just as he was about to say something, his sisters hugged him, which abruptly interrupted his dialogue.

Fans expressed their annoyance over how Bruno’s family always cuts him off. They believe he deserves to be heard, and just for once, his family ought to listen.

Hernando’s To Blame, Not Bruno

Hernando Bruno Encanto


By the time we find out that Bruno has an alter-ego in the form of Hernando, it’s easy to figure out their difference in character. When Bruno arrived at Pepa’s wedding, he wore the hood and had this “mischievous grin”. Perhaps he was just fooling around and wanted to surprise his sister.

They all took it seriously and blamed Bruno for ruining the wedding. As a matter of fact, neither Bruno nor Hernando caused the rain and hurricane so, who is to blame?

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