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“Euphoria had potential”: Zendaya Series That Pays Her $1M Per Episode Branded “One of the worst shows ever made”

"Euphoria had potential": Zendaya Series That Pays Her $1M Per Episode Branded "One of the worst shows ever made"

Euphoria is one show that elicits multiple reactions by the mere utterance of its name. Several of the show’s characters went on to become household names and even some metaphors for gen z. So much so that whether or not someone is Team Cassie can go on a long way to describe their personality and priorities. The show was an absolute favorite when its first season came out in 2019. People were in awe of the stellar cinematography, background score, and artistic approach to the dark world of teenage substance abuse, and s*xual discoveries. But the story eventually changed.


Euphoria transitioned into a colossal disappointment

Zendaya in a still from Euphoria
Zendaya in a still from Euphoria

When we say the story changed eventually, it’s not a figure of speech. From being an in-depth study and depiction of the lives of American teenagers in the first season, it became a dramatic love triangle laden with plot holes and a whole lot of cringe in the second season. Add to that the fact that with its perfectly created season 1, the show had garnered quite a fan following and the second season came after a long three-year wait, a time that the Euphoria fandom passed with baited breaths only to be utterly disappointed. 

With its highly successful opening, it was only natural for the audience to expect something huge after 3 long years. Part of it can be attributed to the fact that season 1 of the HBO Max series was based on an Israeli teen drama of the same name that aired way back in 2012. But with that season coming to a rather intense end with an all-in-all dance sequence and Rue relapsing, all that remained were a bunch of high and clueless teen characters in the hands of the show’s creator, Sam Levinson. And Levinson tried to further weave the story only to get entangled in the mess.

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Fans anticipate the fate of Euphoria Season 3

HBO’s Euphoria

Season two of Euphoria is generally classified as a hot mess of rich cinematography, perfect background score, intense acting, and horrendous writing. Several fans were of the view that Levinson expertly created several character arcs but in the end, he lost sight of what he was meant to do with them. He had actors like Zendaya and a stellar creative team to work with but fans believe he messed it up. The Spider-Man: No Way Home actress did win an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Rue on the show, in addition to Alexa Demie and Sydney Sweeney winning an MTV Award for best fight, and several other technical awards were won as well. But the season is still generally hailed as a failure.

Season 3 of the award-winning series has been announced and it will “ideally” start streaming as late as 2025 as per HBO’s Drama Chief Francesca Orsi, but the internet already seems to have prophesied its impending doom. Some people couldn’t help but comment on how 2025 is a ridiculously long wait for a season of 8-9 episodes of 20-something minutes. 

Season 2 of Euphoria
Season 2 of Euphoria

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People are also of the rather harsh opinion that despite its highs, Euphoria will be remembered as one of the worst shows in the history of television. 


Only time will tell if Levinson will be able to turn the tables on these fans, or will continue a prolonged streak of misses…


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