Even After Earning $12,000,000 For a Flop With Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt is Not the Richest Star Among ‘Parks And Rec’ Cast

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Even After Earning $12,000,000 For a Flop With Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt is Not the Richest Star Among 'Parks And Rec' Cast

Chris Pratt is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood whose movies often dominate the box office by grossing millions of dollars. Pratt is perhaps the most hardworking star who can pull off any role and demonstrate his on-screen characters with nuance and perfection, leaving the audience starstruck.

The actor gained massive fame for portraying the role of Andy Dwyer in the American sitcom television series Parks and Recreation. Since then, he has led a thriving career in the industry, working with many award-winning directors on their blockbuster projects and earning topped billing roles. 

In 2016, he appeared in Morten Tyldum’s directed sci-fi movie Passengers opposite his co-star Jennifer Lawrence. Although both the stars received critical acclaim for their power-packed performances, the project failed to gross decent numbers at the box office.

Chris Pratt’s Remarkable Performance in Jennifer Lawrence-led Film Passengers

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in the 2016 film Passengers

Chris Pratt’s talent extends beyond acting, and his whimsical acting approach is undoubtedly unmatched, and that is why he remains one of the most fan-favorite stars in showbiz. Pratt has been part of several long-running franchise film series. He has collaborated with many top directors on their adventure-packed, pulse-pounding projects, allowing him to showcase his skills on the silver screen. 

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Chris Pratt
Actor, Chris Pratt

The actor has worked with enough A-list talents in the industry, including Jennifer Lawrence. In 2016, they teamed up for their sci-fi movie Passengers, in which he played the role of Jim Preston, a mechanical engineer, while Lawrence depicted the character of Aurora Lane, a journalist and writer. 

They both delivered phenomenal performances, but the 44-year-old star nailed his part so well that it helped earn him positive reviews from the critics. Their undeniable chemistry in the film captivated the audience, and Pratt demonstrated his character convincingly. However, despite their powerful portrayals, the project failed to gross decent numbers at the box office, with critics pointing out its weak plot.

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Chris Pratt’s Thriving Hollywood Career and His Staggering Net Worth

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt has established himself as a leading actor, displaying his top-notch talents and skills. Pratt has made a name for himself and has earned a whopping amount of money with his exceptional portrayals on the silver screen. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth is close to $100 Million, and he is at the pinnacle of his celebrated career.

The actor has played many top-billing roles in dozens of big-budgeted blockbuster films, earning him bucketloads of cash. He gained superstardom and became famous for portraying the role of Andy Dwyer in the beloved sitcom Parks and Recreation.

His extraordinary performance helped put him on the map, paving the way for him and his co-star’s career in the film industry. However, he is not the only richest star of the show, as his co-star Rob Lowe also enjoys the same net worth as Pratt, around $100 Million per the Celebrity Net Worth reports, for he has worked across all genres of films and has cemented his top-shelf place in the industry. As per the outlet, The Tomorrow War movie star also enjoys a net worth of around $100 Million, making him one of the highest-paid stars in showbiz.

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According to the Cosmopolitan reports, the actor has received a whopping paycheck for several of his projects in Hollywood, as he is arguably one of the most in-demand stars. The Passengers movie star offered a $1.5 million salary for his 2014 American superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy.

In 2018, he appeared in the sci-fi action film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and as per the outlet, he earned a $10 million salary for his role in the flick. Chris Pratt is a top-notch star who has worked on many monumental projects and has received staggering paychecks for his exceptional portrayals on the silver screen.

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Passengers is available for streaming on Netflix.

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