‘Even Avatar 1 has better visuals than anything Marvel has produced’: James Cameron Reveals Avatar Franchise Will Go for 7 Movies, Has Already Wrapped Filming on Threequel

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Director James Cameron is reviving the extremely popular franchise, Avatar with a sequel coming out just this month. While the first movie performed tremendously at the box office and is currently sitting at the top of the list of highest-grossing movies, Avatar: The Way of Water’s fate is yet to be decided. This will also set the tone for the growth of the franchise.

James Cameron
James Cameron

While the sequel took thirteen years to see the light of day, James Cameron is quite keen on continuing the Avatar franchise. Apparently, if people are willing to continue watching the story of Pandora, he wouldn’t mind stretching the franchise to a sixth, maybe even a seventh movie, even if he isn’t the one directing them.

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James Cameron is Up for Multiple Avatar Movies

still from Avatar: The Way of Water
A still from Avatar: The Way of Water

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about everything Avatar, James Cameron shed a light on what the future of the franchise looks like and if he will be sticking around for it. After it took him more than a decade to bring Avatar: The Way of Water to the people, Cameron is now feeling more prepared for future installments.

The third addition to the franchise has already been shot and is due in 2024. The fourth movie has also been partly shot and is due in 2026. Believe it or not, there is already a script for the fifth addition, too. Looks like the blueprint is all ready! The future of the Avatar franchise, according to Cameron, is going to be market-driven, and it depends on how well the sequel performs.

“It’s all written out, stem to stern, four scripts, and fully designed. We know exactly where we’re going, if we get the opportunity to do it. And that opportunity will simply be market-driven, if people want it, if they like this movie enough.”

Even though everything seems to be moving forward with a proper plan this time, the Titanic director also seems to be aware of the fact that he might have to scratch it all off. He stated that regardless of what happens with the upcoming sequel, the third movie will still get released as it has all been shot.


While the script of the fifth Avatar installment is ready, Cameron also doesn’t mind going for a sixth and seventh movie. The 68-year-old actor stated that he might be 89 by then and given the many years it took for the sequel to happen, this just might be the reality. Cameron believes that he might not stick around for the completion of the franchise as it would require a large amount of energy. However, he is more than happy to “train” someone else to do it.

Cameron says “train” because according to him, no matter how smart a director might think he is, he couldn’t be smart enough to continue the franchise by himself. Yikes. It looks like Cameron is going to be one strict coach!

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Does the World Want More Avatar Movies?

A scene from the upcoming Avatar: The Way of Water.
Avatar: The Way of Water.

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Sure, the first movie which was released way back in 2009 managed to build a large following. However, one might have to put into consideration the fact that it has been thirteen years since then. Is the following still loyal to the franchise? Maybe. Cameron will just have to wait and see how Avatar: The Way of Water performs and then do the math himself.

However, there is one sure way to know what the audience is thinking – Twitter. Twitter users waste no time in letting their opinions out in the open and Cameron’s wish to make multiple movies was no exception. Fans were quick enough to voice their opinion on the extension of the franchise. While many weren’t too excited about it, others compared it to Marvel, stating that if Marvel can do it, then it can be done with Avatar too.



For now, the audience will just have to let time decide this one. The sequel is coming out soon, and just like Cameron said, its’ success will pave the way for Avatar’s future.


Avatar: The Way of Water will release in theatres on December 16, 2022.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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