‘Everything is Glued…I’ve Got a Flap’: Stranger Things Star Jamie Campbell Bower Reveals Absolutely Shameful Process of Peeing in Vecna Suit


Known for sporting the monster of the series format, Stranger Things has been successful in introducing iconic villains, from the Demogorgon in Season 1 and the Mind Flayer in Seasons 2 and 3. In addition to some brilliant talent, the show introduced Jamie Campbell Bower to the cast this season.

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Many were looking forward to the main villain of season 4, and no, it’s not Jason Carver. The show stars Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, and David Harbour as Jim Hopper.


Vecna strikes in the most terrifying way

The season 4 villain, ‘Vecna’ is played by Jamie Campbell Bower. The character is also Dr. Brenner’s first test subject, called 001. Vecna utilizes the weakest and the most traumatic memory of its victims and controls their minds them using it.

Jaime Bower and Millie Bobby Brown
Henry/001 and Eleven

By the end of Season 4 Volume 2, Vecna came very close to taking Max Mayfield’s (Sadie Sink) life away, before getting saved by Eleven. Also, it is learned in the season that songs special to the victim possess the power to sever Vecna’s hold on its victims.


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Chrissy Cunningham
Chrissy Cunningham being attacked by Vecna

Jamie Campbell Bower’s villain

According to the actor, the true villain throughout the season was not Jason Carver or Vecna but the suit. In an interview with SiriusXM, Jamie Campbell Bower spoke about the tedious process of wearing and working in the suit. He said


“….. I mean it took seven to seven and a half for the application alone and then I’d film for probably like 10 hours….”

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Jaime Bower
Jamie Bower portrays 001 and Vecna in season 4 of Stranger Things

He further commented on the structure of the suit, calling it easily breakable. He said while the top part was easily attachable, the pants had to be worn and it created some issues of its own, he stated:


“… the bottom half is trousers and I have like this flap that goes from the chest, oh like underneath my butt crack… I’ve got nails that are glued on so I can’t touch anything without everything falling apart….”

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The main villain of Stranger Things season 4

Further enhancing his pain was when had a nature’s call, calling it the worst part. While describing how uncomfortable it was, Jamie Bower described the space being limited and found removing the suit difficult. He explained:


“Tyler would have to stand outside the bathroom door because no one else could come in because I’m like hovering over the urinal it’s like a whole thing the shame is so real right now.”

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Volume 2 of Season 4  aired on 1st July and the whole season is now available to stream on Netflix.


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