Spotify Teams Up With Stranger Things For Ultimate Playlist to Fight Vecna

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The last episode of Stranger Things 4 was released on Netflix on 1 July, even though not all the fans are happy with the deaths, everyone can agree the soundtrack was an absolute riot. The season even revived the song ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush, Max’s favorite.


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Living in your dreams

Preying on your deepest fears and weakness, stalks Vecna, a Freddy Kruger fanboy who was the “Stranger Thing” in season 4. It finds the thing that makes you uncomfortable and vulnerable and ensnares your mind by using it against you.

Vecna Stranger Things
Stranger Things’ main villain Vecna

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While many shows are known for the monster of the week, Stranger Things is known for the monster of the season. Season 3 had the hungry mind flayer which messed with its prey’s minds to do its bidding. Season 4 has ‘Vecna’.


Music to the beat

In season 4, Vecna starts infecting Max Mayfield’s (Sadie Sink) mind and she realizes that she’s the next victim. To save her from Vecna’s curse, Dustin, Lucas, and Steve play ‘Running Up That Hill’ through her headphones.

Max levitating
Max levitates off the ground as the Vecna preys on her

It’s Nancy Wheeler portrayed by Natalia Dyer) and Robin Buckley portrayed by Maya Hawke who figured out that songs that are special to the victim, can sever the connection between Vecna and its victims.

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According to the fan theory, Max’s struggle to deal with her trauma is embedded in the lyrics of the song as she regrets losing her brother Billy Hargrove. In the chorus, the lyrics go as such:

“And if i only could, I’d make a deal with God / And i’d get him to swap our places”.

Season 4 villain Vecna

Which is how Max feels about her brother, wanting to exchange places with her brother to see him alive.

Kate Bush
British artist Kate Bush who sang Running Up the Hill

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After much fan request, Netflix has collaborated with Spotify to release season 4’s album titled Upside Down Playlist, which includes Stranger Things’ version ‘Running Up that Hill’ calling it the savior song.


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