Stranger Things ‘Protect Steve’ Ominous Billboard Pushes Fans Over The Edge, Twitter Threatens to Drop The Show if Steve Dies


Stranger Things has taken things up a notch with a Netflix billboard ominously spelling “Protect Steve” placed strategically amid Vecna’s outstretched vine-like tendrils. What makes it even more horrifying is Netflix posting the picture on Twitter with the caption “AT ALL COSTS!”

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Stranger Things
Stranger Things’ “Protect Steve” Billboard

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Until this moment, the sci-fi series had not made a peep about the character’s fate but with hours left until the launch of Vol 2, the insinuation is sending fans over the edge with worry and anticipation. Twitter has vocalized its support for the hyped and beloved series by threatening to drop the show if Steve awaits certain death in the season finale.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Finale Expectations

For the entirety of the month leading up to Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 2, fans have ruefully awaited the hanging fates of their beloved characters. Netflix, for the first time since the series’ advent in 2016, divvied up the season into a two-part release strategy. Whether or not this was done for preserving viewership on the platform, the move came as a shock to most fans.

Stranger Things Cast
Stranger Things Season 4 Cast

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The Season 4 finale has been highly publicized for its runtime which is said to be as long as a feature film. The 2 hours 19 minutes finale titled “Piggyback” will certainly provide some closure to the community with a major showdown between Eleven and 001. Amid the climactic battle, the series regulars who have been reveling in their rapport as monster-hunters lie injured, and the season Vol 1 ends with most of their fate in the balance.

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The Tattered Fate of Beloved Steve Harrington

Since his debut as Steve, Joe Keery’s on-screen persona quickly rose to the ranks of Hawkin’s resident babysitter and monster-hunter. Seasons 2 and 3 solidified his position as central to the series plot and paired him with most of the boys as they attempt to take down demodogs and investigate other looming threats. His transformation from bad boy to good, reliable, and resourceful friend to Nancy and the kids gained massive approval points among the fanbase, with Vanity Fair calling Steve “the soft hero Stranger Things fans deserve”.

Steve Harrington Scoops Ahoy
Robin, Steve, and Dustin at Scoops Ahoy

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However, every beloved character awaits a tragic fate that puts their lives, reputation, or loved ones at stake. So too does Steve Harrington, as shown in Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1 Episode 6. Time and again putting his life at risk for the safety of the group, he dives headlong into Lover’s Lake to find the portal without a second thought. His arrival at Vecna’s domain is met by screeching bats attacking and clawing at him from all directions faster than the creatures could be warded off.

Steve Harrington
Steve Harrington in Vecna’s lair

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their anger, fear, and grief over the collective imagination of Steve Harrington’s fate in the upcoming Vol 2. Here are a few of the fandom tweets representing the current state of worry amid the Stranger Things community:




With Vol 1 ending with him gravely injured and bleeding albeit stable, for the time being, Stranger Things’ latest billboard insinuation puts fans in an existential worry. Although the latest season is claimed as darker with Duffer Brothers repeatedly teasing “everybody is in danger”, no one is ready for the finality of death removing one of the most prized characters of the series quite yet.

Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2 launches on 1 July 2022, on Netflix.


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