EXCLUSIVE: The Flash Approaching Bale, Kilmer, Clooney, & Huge Surprise Cameo

The Flash Approaching Bale, Kilmer, Clooney, & Huge Surprise Cameo

Happy Batman Day to all you Gothamites! As comic book fans everywhere are celebrating the dark knight’s most famous incarnation’s in pop culture from the countless movies, animated shows, live action TV adaptations, and the many different video games we here at FandomWire can exclusively reveal that DC‘s The Flash movie is bringing in more famous Bat-Men!

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What we know so far on the upcoming project from Warner Bros. is that the film will bring back Tim Burton’s Michael Keaton and the DCEU’s Ben Affleck to the long in developed film, but the producers have much more happening behind the scenes. SPOILER WARNING for some minor plot points and cameos.


The Different Worlds of Batman

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Our sources tell us, that the movie will follow the comics Flashpoint plotline, with Barry going back to stop a specific event. But in doing so, Barry messes up the timeline. As Barry goes back to try and find his regular world, he stumbles into many new ones, allowing for the opportunity for various cameo appearances.


There is word that producers want him to stop quickly into Nolan’s Gotham City, but since Batman is technically “Dead” in that timeline, Barry might see a newspaper explaining Batman is dead. However as impossible as they know it’ll be, the producers are very keen to try and get Christian Bale to show up, in which case they’ll adjust it.

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Other Batman worlds on deck are Val Kilmer and George Clooney’s, both of which are also being approached. Kilmer was recently scheduled to do a DC FanDome panel, as talk of a Batman Forever Schumacher Cut keeps raging, so he seems more likely to agree to something over Clooney. Depending on interest, Chris O’Donnell from Batman and Robin and Batman Forever is also being approached to reprise his Robin, which played opposite both Batmen.

Our sources also say that Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen from The CW‘s The Flash could also show up. Having already met in The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earth 2-part finale, TV’s Barry Allen, was the one to name Ezra Miller “The Flash”, so a nod of respect back to Grant would be very nice.


But the biggest surprise cameo being considered is one we want to offer one final SPOILER WARNING for. So if you don’t want to read the next paragraph, look away from this page right now.

The Super Surprise Cameo – SPOILER WARNING

Our sources say they are also approaching Nicholas Cage to briefly portray Tim Burton’s version of the Superman that never was. To make this cameo even cooler, Cage wouldn’t just be a cameo from another world, but instead would portray the Superman in Michael Keaton’s world where a bulk of the film will apparently take place. Talk about mind-blowing!



Nicholas Cage is a huge Superman fan, so giving him a chance to finally portray this character would be a nice gesture to both him and Tim Burton. It would also be a great nod to the late Jon Schnepp who put together a wonderful documentary about the lost Superman project: The Death of Superman Lives.


So after reading all this new information are you excited to see Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie? What Batman actors would you love to see? Let us know in the comments below!


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