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WB Studios Reportedly Considering Getting Ezra Miller Professional Help, Make Them Do Limited Press Interview to Explain Bizarre Behavior to Save the Flash Movie

Ezra Miller has been embroiled in controversies since early 2020. After creating a cult in Iceland from an Airbnb and being charged with public disruption in Hawaii at a bar, the actor has faced several moments of criminality. Although being charged with a felony of stealing alcohol, WB has no plans to cancel their upcoming movie The Flash. Ezra Miller may be required to get some professional help at the behest of Warner Brothers Discovery.

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Ezra Miller is known for portraying Barry Allen aka The Flash in the DCEU.
Ezra Miller is known for portraying Barry Allen aka The Flash in the DCEU.

WB seeking professional help for Ezra Miller

Following the outcry of the public for the cancellation of the film, Warner Bros. Discovery’s new chief David Zaslav is in no mood to cancel DC’s one of the core projects, The Flash. As per earlier reports, there are three options available for the entertainment giant. The first option is for Ezra Miller to seek professional help. Friends of the American actor have stated that “they have lost touch with reality” and that the actor is in dire need of professional help.

Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League (2017).
Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League (2017).

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Therefore it is likely that Warner Bros. Discovery will likely have the 29-year-old actor seek professional help and later on, apologize for his behavior in interviews. The plan also involves keeping the fan interaction with Ezra Miller to a minimum with very few interviews and less publicity than usual until the actor stabilizes.

Will DC scrap the idea due to Ezra Miller’s negative image?

Ezra Miller also portrayed Credence in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.
Ezra Miller also portrayed Credence in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

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Another option that DC has is to cut short the interactions with fans entirely. If the case worsens Ezra Miller may not be involved in the promotion and publicity of the film. This would be a blow to the actor but may save the film from certain failure if the negative image of them continues to build up. Following the publicity and the minimum interviews, Ezra Miller would be recast in further projects in the DCEU.

As per reports from chief David Zaslav, early reactions to the film by the test audience have been very successful. The Flash will provide a new and deeper dive into the DC that David Zaslav wants. If worse comes to pass studio will have to cancel the $200 million film that they have made and would have to re-cast Ezra Miller.

This would not be the first time Ezra Miller has been thrown out of work. A biopic on Salvador Dali titled Daliland confirmed on Tuesday before the release at the Toronto Film Festival that the actor will not be a part of the press release. Ezra Miller played a young Dali in the biopic which also stars Ben Kingsley as an older version of Salvador Dali.

The Flash is slated for a release date of 23rd June 2023 across theatres worldwide.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter