Warner Brothers Rumoured to Be Considering Erasing Ezra Miller From the DCEU After The Flash, Reportedly Will Look for a New Actor

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Following the recent developments in the Ezra Miller fiasco, Warner Bros. is allegedly planning out its next steps intricately and carefully. A few days back, the 29-year-old actor was charged on the grounds of felony burglary. There have also been reports made by Rolling Stone that claim that a mother and her three children are supposedly living at Miller’s farm in Vermont, and the state’s child services department is looking for them. It is a situation that is giving way to a growing unease amongst fans and the general film audience alike. 

the dceu is dead
Ezra Miller as the Flash

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Amidst these twists and turns of events, Warner Bros. and the new media conglomerate, Warner Bros. Discovery have allegedly been planning their future move for The Flash, keeping in mind three potential scenarios and their likely outcome. Discarding the entire movie is one such potential outcome, by the way.

The Potential Scenarios…

WB Studios
Warner Bros

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, allegedly, a source has recently gotten to know about these likely scenarios. The verdict? Warner Bros. seems to be geared up for three potential outcomes. Out of the three, let’s take a look at the two polar extremes first. 

If things get somewhat better than how it is at the moment, then the actor will be seeking professional help once they make their return back home to their Vermont farm. The movie could only be released properly and without any interference, if Ezra Miller decides to clear up the air of mistrust and disappointment by giving an interview that elaborates on the reasoning behind their erratic actions and unpredictability. Furthermore, they’ll be allowed to do only very little, strictly bounded press for the film.

Fans predicting Ezra Miller is mentally ill
Ezra Miller

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The next outcome, which lies on the other extreme, is the worst-case scenario for the studios. Shelving the $200 million film is what they might have to do if things do not get better and Miller’s actions take a turn for the absolute worst. Canceling the film would be a viable option to consider if the actor is not easily replaced and removed from the future of DCEU films and publicity. Talking about replacements, that brings us to our next, somewhat balanced scenario.


A Middle Ground: A Likely Replacement?

Batgirl film axed
The Flash’s replacement?

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The next scenario, as stated by the source, will entail the studios releasing the movie, even if Miller shows an active resistance to seeking professional help. What would happen though, is that the actor would be debarred from engaging in the post-release publicity activities. They would also be removed from the role of The Flash, making way for other actors to shine through as Barry Allen in a possible recasting for future DC endeavors.


Warner Bros. will hence reportedly look for actors to fill in the role of Miller. This route of action is not too unlikely, following the constant unpredictable developments seen through the accusations Ezra Miller is accountable for.

Actors That Could Replace Ezra Miller

FLA423b 0449b 850x560 1
Grant Gustin in the CW series The Flash

These scenarios have made cogs turn in the minds of the fans, as many are suggesting names for a potential recasting of the role of the Flash. While a common name remains Grant Gustin, who has starred as Barry Allen/ Flash in the CW series, The Flash, previously; other names have also been put forward for DC’s consideration. These include actors like Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien and The Umbrella Academy’s Elliot Page. 


Many have emphasized that these actors, plus some others, are a much better choice than Ezra Miller. Twitter population has been going on about this for a while now:



While it is yet to see what actions the Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav takes when it comes to The Flash and the impending cloud of doom that looms over its future, the movie is currently slated for a 23 June 2023 release.


Source: THR

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