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Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 23 Hilarious Episode 5 Tweets

Some hilarious tweets of Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Episode 5 made by MCU fans that will make you ROLF.

1. Don’t you feel that John Walker looks too old to play Captain America? Poor guy. His face shape just doesn’t fit Captain America’s mask.

2. John Walker’s shield be like –

3. That dialogue of John Walker ‘I am the Captain America’ makes us die of laughter.

4. With this footage, we can make a whole new show, ‘DIY Home Improvement with Sam and Bucky.’ 

5. The moment where all MCU fans reduced to tears.

6. Not going to lie, but it felt terrific when Bucky holds the shield but; Sam did a great job, though.

7. Bucky and Flirting: Deadly combination. Literally, AHSHHSHD.

8. Kudos to Marvel, who is boldly and fearlessly putting up all these issues.

9. Steve Roger’s shield is made up of a rare metallic ore called Vibranium. Whereas John Walker went to a supermarket to get supplies to make his shield.

10. Bucky should check John Walker’s search history right now!

11. I can watch him smile all day long. He deserves all the happiness.

12. I love his awkward stance though. He was still looking stylish.

13. Dislikes will be flooded for that vlog. I’ll be the first disliker though.

14. After watching this scene in Falcon and The Winter Soldier, I started wearing dog tags. I became highly self-satisfied. LMAO.

15. It’s just isn’t a smile. It’s the normalcy in Bucky’s life after a very long time.

16. Sam can take away Bucky. Sarah is mine. LOL.

17. Bucky is dying for the invitation.

18. The rapport between Sam and Bucky is just magic. Watching Falcon and The Winter Soldier just for them.

19. Bucky was like, “Hi Sarah,” and Sam knew that it’s much more than just a hi. XD.

20. In the next episode of Falcon and The Winter Soldier, it will be like ‘Get this man a shield.’

21. I want to do a drop test with John Walker’s shield.

22. I’m thinking, what if John Walker makes a Mjolnir?

23. Okay, one last time. XD.

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Written by FandomWire Staff