Captain America: 19 Behind The Scenes Facts From The First Avenger

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Marvel Cinematic Universe completed releasing the Avengers film series in 2019. It had been an epic journey for the cast and the audience across the world alike. Despite not being the first in the films’ timeline, the 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger was the actual beginning of an epic saga. It’s been a decade since it was released.
Recently, MCU released The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as a part of Phase IV on Disney+. The series revolves around Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. The duo is Steve Rogers’ closest confidantes and allies, as seen previously in Civil War and many times after. The series has brought back lots of old memories from the initial movie, the one that spearheaded the entire franchise.
Here, we will be looking at 19 mind-blowing behind-the-scenes facts from ‘The First Avenger.’


1) Comic Cameo

19 Facts About Captain America: The First Avenger
The First Captain America Issues being Sold

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby first introduced the Captain to the world in March 1941. The homonymous comic series instantly made a fixed place on the reader’s palate, only much later to be made into a film. Nonetheless, the first issues received a scene of their own in the 2011 film.

2) Pre-Super Soldier Scenes had Multiple Takes

Did Chris Evans (Captain America) go through a body transformation for the  movie or was it CGI or a double? - Quora
Evans and Deeny in the Serum Scene

The portrayal of skinny and physically lacking Steve Rogers before his super-soldier phase was among the most challenging scenes in the entire film. Chris Evans acted out the scene as per the script in front of a green screen. After that, Leander Deeny, acting as Captain Rogers’ body double and CGI technicians shrank Evans’ body onto Deeny.


3) Deeny’s Bartender Comeback

Just learned that the Leander Deeny, the body double for skinny Steve  Rogers in “Captain America: The First Avenger” also played the bartender in  this scene : marvelstudios
Leander Deeny as the Barman

Apart from being a body double for Chris Evans, Deeny also played a barman later. It is a real mirror moment when the Captain faces the bartender.

4) Captain America: The First Avenger- 5th Live-Action Version

Better Off Unreleased — Captain America (1990) and Fantastic Four (1994) |
Sallinger’s Captain

Captain America graced the screens worldwide first in the 1944 serial Captain America. Two television movies popularized the

superhero greatly- Captain America (1979) & Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979). The first big release was the 1990 film Captain America, starring Matt Salinger. At last, the 2011 film was released as part of the Avengers franchise.


5) Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan are of the Same Height

Bucky Barnes: 8 Things To Remember Before Falcon And The Winter Soldier -  CINEMABLEND
Captain Rogers and Barnes

Evans and Stan are both exactly six feet tall. However, the creators used camera techniques and shadowing to focus on the effects of the super-soldier serum. Thus Bucky appears shorter than Captain Rogers’ muscular, enhanced frame in the movie.

6) Sebastian Stan Auditioned to play Captain America

Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan in Captain America: The First Avenger, 2011) | Bucky  barnes imagines, Bucky barnes, Bucky barnes winter soldier
Bucky Barnes

Sebastian Stan initially tried for Steve Rogers. However, the show-makers considered his icy, aloof acting technique and previous work and cast him as Bucky Barnes. He has still been acing it as the Winter Soldier.

7) Evans refused Captain’s Role Thrice

1st footage of Cap 2 makes it look like a badass S.H.I.E.L.D. movie The First Avenger
Evans is the Best Captain

Chris Evans turned down the Marvel casting couch three times when approached to play Steve Rogers’s role. Finally, they got him with a nine movie contract. As a result, the fans saw our beloved Captain brought to life on screen.


8) Evans did not have to Audition

Director Joe Johnston was dead sure he wanted Evans for the role of Captain America. Hence, he directly extended a contract without any scheduled initial auditions. Johnston indeed picked the right star for the films.

9) Evans earned $300K from The First Avenger

Avengers Age of Ultron: Captain America All Fight Scenes - YouTube
Chris Evans in Age of Ultron

Evans did a stellar job playing the Captain in Captain America: The First Avenger at the modest sum of 300K dollars. Marvel Studios and the fans soon recognized his worth. Eventually, he earned a total of $ 6.9 million from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

10) General Stan Lee: The Cameo

Stan Lee Cameo In Captain America - The First Avenger HD - YouTube
Stan Lee as a General

Stan Lee didn’t have anything to do with the creation of Captain America as a comic character. Yet, like many other MCU films, he cameoed as a general in the First Avenger.


11) Ryan Phillipe and John Krasinski were Contenders for Captain’s role


John Krasinski from The Office, A Quiet Place is a highly versatile actor. He was a possible candidate for the character of Steve Rogers.

Ryan Phillippe denies allegations of assaulting his ex-girlfriend - ABC News
Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillipe of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cruel Intentions was also considered by Marvel Studios for the part of Captain America.
Ultimately, Chris Evans bagged the role.

12) Sebastian Stan had financial issues during The First Avenger

Sebastian Stan [ Destroyer ] The First Avneger
Stan 2010

Stan was comparatively new to the Hollywood film industry in 2011.
He admitted having rent problems while Captain America: The First Avenger was being filmed.
Stan recently joked about paying for Anthony Mackie‘s dinner, a fun callback to his tough days.


13) Captain America had 4 Shields

Every Version Of Captain America's Shield In The MCU (& Where They Are) -  YouTube...The First Avenger
Different Captain America Shields

Fans dearly remember the Captain sporting Howard Stark’s Vibranium shield throughout the comics and the films. In real life, Evans had to practice with metal, fiberglass, and rubber shields during stunts. Extreme stunts would be integrated with a computer graphic(CG) generated shield.

14) Laura Haddock appeared as a Captain Fan and as Star-Lord’s Mother

In The First Avenger, Laura Haddock appeared as a cheering fan to Captain America. She even collected his autograph.
Haddock, later in Guardians of the Galaxy, played Peter Quill’s mother. Director James Gunn joked that Haddock appeared as Star-Lord’s grandmother in 1941 when The First Avenger’s events took place.


15) Stanley Tucci wanted a role with a German Accent, so Dr. Erskine happened

Stanley Tucci as Dr. Abraham Erskine | Stanley tucci, Captain america, The  lovely bones
Dr. Abraham Erskine

The audience still remembers the brilliant Dr. Abraham Erskine, the creator, and the only successful super serum user. Stanley Tucci only got the role because he wanted to experiment with his German accent. Thus, we fans got to the poignant moments between Steve and Erskine.

16) World War II Movies Inspired Stan’s Bucky Barnes

Band Of Brothers Tours With Passionate And Experienced Guide The First Avenger
Band OF Brothers: An Inspiration

Sebastian Stan told MTV that he was amazed by World War II military personnel’s stoic poise and discipline. As a result, his character developed based on the original comics and many films on the topic, especially from Band of Brothers.

17) Emily Blunt was a candidate to play Peggy Carter

Emily Blunt's Best Performances Ranked - Variety
Emily Blunt

Marvel Studios considered actress Emily Blunt for Peggy Carter’s role. However, she turned it down due to scheduling conflicts.


18) Hayley Atwell’s Favorite Scene was her kiss with Evans

900+ Captain America. ideas in 2021 | chris evans, steve rogers, captain  america the first avenger
The Swooning Kiss

One of the most moving scenes in the film was Captain’s smoldering kiss with Peggy. It was Atwell’s favorite scene with Evans.

19) Stunt Footage from the Sets

Evan’s high school friends Zach and Jon were his ‘assistants’ on set. He posted stunt footage from the sets on Twitter, shot by Zach. Jon, however, wasn’t impressed.


Did you find our facts from The First Avenger interesting? Do you wish to add some of your own to the list? Let us know in the comments.


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