Fans Are Already Fan-casting Better Actors For She-Hulk Instead Of Tatiana Maslany

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She-Hulk is coming to the MCU in a series for Disney+, which is much awaited by fans. We can’t help but talk about better Fan-casting for this iconic role.


This highly anticipated series She-Hulk has come out with its first trailer. The trailer shows a slow and good introduction to the Hulk successor, but fans are disappointed with the CGI. Fans think the She-Hulk shots are not to the mark in terms of CGI.

With such fan loving Iconic role of green Jennifer Walters with a sassy yet savage attitude, here are 10 actresses who could have played it better than Tatiana Mislay

10. Mary Chieffo

Marry Chieffo is known for her role in L’Rell on Star Trek: Discovery, wearing mass amounts of makeup, and her acting skills were bang on. Chieffo has the looks and acting skills to play the iconic role.


Mary Chieffo in her role in Star Trek


Hadera is known for her playing Kay Daniels in Deception and Stephanie Holder in Baywatch. She has acted in one episode of Netflix’s ”The Punisher”, she has had some experience with the Marvel Universe.

Hadera could benefit from this role by showing her skills in the green-skinned character.


Ilfenesh Hadera from a scene in Baywatch

8 Catlin Stasey

Stacey is well known for her roles as Francesca in the Sleep Over Club, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours and Ellie Linton in the film ”Tomorrow When War Begins”

Stacey shares some similarities in looks with this hero.


Caitlin Stasey in Let the War Begin


In terms of physique, she has the perfect muscular body for this character. With the experience of fighting, she can play this unleashed, powerful role with ease. She can for sure bring Jen Walter to life wonderfully.

Gina Carano in her muscular physique standing against a white wall


6. Gina Torres

Gina already has the experience of playing a lawyer which comes in handy for the She-Hulk role. She plays a lawyer beautifully on Suits. The oldest on the list, still a competition with the others.

Gina Torres giving an intense look in Suits

5. Michelle Rodriguez

This name undoubtedly has the experience to take up the action scenes required for this big role, playing important roles in Fast and Furious and Avatar. She would give the green-skinned character a new sense of attitude and surely do justice!


Michelle Rodriguez in fast and furious poster

6. Angie Harmon

She-Hulk is a complex character to play, from calm to tough. Angie is on top of her experience. Angie has also stated to Entertainment, that she would like to play She-Hulk.

Angie Harmon the voice of hulk

5. Paula Patton

She has acted in different genres and has outshined each one, with some experience playing a green skin character, Paula can ace it.


Paula Patton as Garona

4. Betty Gilpin

She has the experience of playing the wrestler ”Liberty Belle” in Glow. Gilpin has the physicality for this role and can use her fight skills too.

Betty Gilpin in glow


3. Eliza Dushku

Dushku has voiced the character of She-Hulk and can perform action sequels. Smart and tough, she has enough to play the She-Hulk.

The voice of hulk Eliza Dushku

2. Stephanie Beatriz

Worked as a detective Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn-99, She was the attitude to play the character. Also, fans have loved to see her go from cop to lawyer


Stephany Beatriz in ''Brooklyn 99''

1. Anne Hathaway

Hathway is an Academy Award winner who already has ties with Disney world and the experience of playing Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, could have played the role beautifully

Anna Hathway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises


Written by Samreen Kaur

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