“What a let down, waste of 2 hours”- Netflix Failed Miserably as Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg Starrer “Me Time” Breaks Record With a Poor Audience Score

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The latest Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg-led Netflix endeavor, Me Time, while on the surface seeming to promise wholesome entertainment, has unfortunately proved to be a critical disaster. Many on Twitter have hailed the John Hamburg-directed film as a waste of time — a pretty ironic turn of events to say the least. Described as a buddy-comedy movie, the premise follows a stay-at-home dad, who ends up entangled in a wild weekend adventure with his former best friend; completely turning his life upside down. 

Me Time, directed and penned by John Hamburg
Me Time, directed and penned by John Hamburg

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While some have come forward to call the Hart and Wahlberg starrer a classic case of formulaic, relatively funny, mindless entertainment, others have not been too kind — especially the film critics.


Kevin Hart’s New Netflix Film Does Not Impress

Hart, who is introduced as Sonny in the film, has strayed away from what can be called a solid, concrete narrative hit. On RottenTomatoes, the critics’ consensus has termed the film in the following manner, “For viewers inexplicably hungry to see stars wasted on a desperately unfunny comedy, Me Time might be the movie of the year.”

Kevin Hart
The actor stars in the role of Sonny Fisher

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Beyond such a statement, the film received a low blow; perhaps the lowest of lows to account for, with a 7% Tomatometer rating.


The audience score has not been too kind either, with an underwhelmingly shocking 29% rating, with over 500+ reviews. Some are calling the Netflix film Kevin Hart‘s “worst movie” ever. When it comes to Mark Wahlberg, his films are notoriously renowned for their lukewarm nature, amassing the bare minimum of acclaim.

Me Time cast
Me Time cast

However, Me Time seems to be a much more devastating whammy for both Hart and Wahlberg. To quote some of the critics’ reviews, Me Time has been regarded as, “dim-witted”, “wacky”, “talent wasted”, and “childish.” 

Fans On Twitter React To Me Time

Twitter is not really known for holding back when it comes to stating its opinions. The general audience and fans of the two actors have come forward to express their sentiments surrounding the film. Needless to say, it hasn’t been too flowery and sweet.

 Kevin Hart Mark Wahlberg
Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg

Much like the critics who had a lot to say about the lackluster premise, folks on the platform have started picking holes in the plot. Have a look:


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While the collective verdict seems to suggest a non-committal, lackadaisical, easily forgettable Netflix film, one can simply not always rely on the critics’ verdict. If a no-brainer, mildly entertaining, the formulaic premise is what you enjoy, then checking out the Kevin Hart starrer would not be a crime. In fact, when it comes to the art of consuming films, it would be much encouraged to form an opinion of one’s own.


Me Time, which was released on 26th August 2022, is available for streaming on Netflix.

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