Fans “Don’t know how to feel anymore” after Ice Spice No Makeup Look Goes Viral

Ice Spice's no makeup look gets trolled on Twitter.

Fans “Don’t know how to feel anymore” after Ice Spice No Makeup Look Goes Viral


  • Ice Spice erupted in the music industry with her hit song, “Munch (Feelin’ U).”
  • She makes headlines once again for her bare face.
  • Fans trolled the Bronx artist for how she looks differently than her usual makeup look.
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Bronx star, Ice Spice quickly rose to music charts with her music whether it be Munch (Feelin’ U), Bikini Bottom, and Gangsta Boo. Her musical career led her to gain a massive fandom who loves to know her tiniest of details. However, recently her no-makeup photo is making a buzz on the Internet with fans having no idea how to feel about it anymore.

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Ice Spice
American rapper, Ice Spice [Credit: Instagram/IceSpice]
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Isis Naija Gaston, who is recognized for her stage name, Ice Spice has been dubbed rap’s new princess by recognized publications like Billboard for her work in the music industry. However, her natural look is getting quite a different reaction from fans. 

Ice Spice’s No Makeup Look is Making Rounds on the Internet

Ice Spice in no makeup look
Ice Spice in no makeup look

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Check out the tweets here.


Her no-makeup look is getting trolled by online commentators however some users appreciated her look. One praised her raw beauty meanwhile the other went on to call her a “goddess.”

This is not the first time she faced heavy troll online. Back in July, many users took to Twitter to compare her looks to an unidentified woman with Down syndrome.


Ice Spice Clapped Back at a Previous Twitter Troll 

Ben Affleck and Ice Spice in the Dunkin' commercial
Ice Spice with actor, Ben Affleck in the Dunkin’ commercial

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In a since-deleted tweet, a Twitter user shared a side-by-side split image featuring half of the In Ha Mood rapper’s face and half of the face was of a random woman with a genetic disorder. The post seems to have compared the looks of how similar the duo looked but the former was quick to respond to the trolls. 


She replied to the troll on the same platform writing,

In a Teen Vogue interview, she talked about trying to not be bothered by the negative opinions many have about her. 


“I’m a human being, so anything hurtful could potentially hurt my feelings. Potentially,” she stated with a laugh. “If I do read the comments and see something negative, I’ll leave. I’m not torturing myself.”

She also shared that she does not like to respond to all the faceless trolls she gets online. She is, after all, focused on making good music for her fans!


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