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Flash vs. Superman: 5 Reasons The Flash Triumphs (& 5 Why Superman Wins)

When we think of the Justice League’s strongest member, we think of Superman. But truth be told, the Flash also has a very good chance of sitting on that throne. In a one on one Flash vs. Superman fight, a number of factors come into play. If a Flash vs. Superman brawl does happen, these are the greatest trump cards in each superhero’s arsenal.

Superman: Incredible Feats of Strength

flash vs superman superman strength

Superman’s strength is his signature ability. With his bare hands, he has ripped open tanks, held buildings from falling down, pushed a malfunctioning rocket into orbit, and go so far as pull an entire solar system from one point in the universe to another. The closest superhero in the Justice League that could even hold a candle to Superman’s incredible feats of strength is Wonder Woman. And Superman outmatches her by the hugest margin imaginable.

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Flash: Time Perception

flash vs superman flash time perception

Barry Allen is quick on his feet. He also has quick reflexes and an extremely fast brain. The reason the Flash does not cars and road-blocks when he goes for a run is because of his lightning fast nervous system. He can anticipate any attack Superman makes by just watching him move the smallest muscle in his body. It would look like slow motion to him. Superman is fast too. But the Flash can do it a hundred times faster.

Superman: Amazing Durability

flash vs superman superman-doomsday

It is not how hard you hit. It is how hard you get hit and still stand back up. Superman has taken this ideology to heart. His durability is his boon and his enemy’s bane. He can deliver an incredibly powerful blow and not even flinch when his enemy hits back with his own. Superman has taken point blank punches from Darkseid, the God of Evil of the DC Universe. He never even flinched. It would take a lot for the Flash to take him down in a brawl, speaking of which……

Flash: The Infinite Mass Punch

flash vs superman flash infinite mass punch

You seldom come across any DC Character who has the power of withstanding the Infinite Mass Punch. Superman is not someone who is durable enough to boast such a feat. The Infinite Mass Punch uses the Flash’s extreme velocity, barraging the opponents with punches so potent they could disintegrate on impact. And here’s the thing – only one of those punches was able to knock Superman out. The Flash claims he is fast enough to do a billion of those in a second. How do you counter that?!?!?

Superman:  Near Perfect Record

flash vs superman superman perfect record flying

If there is a superhero that has an almost impeccable record of consecutive victories, it is Superman. In the comic books, the Flash has been tricked multiple times by even lower class villains like the Trickster. The greatest threat he ever faced was the Reverse Flash. Superman has fought many planet ending threats like Darkseid, Doomsday and Zod, who are incredible power houses and heavy hitters. The only enemy that was truly able to beat Superman in his own game was Doomsday. That too was not an actual win. Superman won that fight. Doomsday just gave him a wound fatal enough that he died from the injuries. That death was again short-lived. Superman returned from the dead a while later.

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Flash: Other Powers

flash vs superman flash other powers

His super speed is only one aspect of his abilities. The Speed Force grants the Flash a lot of other auxiliary powers. He is known to generate insane amounts of lightning from his body and use it as an offensive weapon in a fight. He can vibrate his molecules to phase through objects. He even possesses the ability to steal speed by absorbing the kinetic energy of other objects and people. We are not saying Superman does not have secondary powers. His heat vision, super breath, X-Ray Vision, and the likes do give him an edge but merely a small one. The Flash scores better points in this regard.

Superman: Ability of Traveling in Outer Space

flash vs superman outer space

The Kryptonian has the power to traverse through the ice cold vacuum of space without the aid of food, water, or even air. He has traveled thousands of light years in the final frontier, discovering and exploring things humanity could only dream of. And he has done that on his own. The single biggest trump card in a one on one brawl with Flash that Superman possesses would be the power to fly into outer space. If the Flash gives him a hard time, all he would need to do is go up and recover under a clear blanket of re-energizing solar radiation. The Flash could never even hope to catch him up there.

Flash: Time Travel

flash vs superman flashpoint time travel barry allen

Superman is fast. But the Flash is just way faster. He is fast enough to travel faster than the speed of light. Thus he can break the laws of physics and travel backwards in time. He used to have trouble running to and from the time stream in earlier issues. He has since mastered the art. Now the Flash has the power to travel across time with pin-point accuracy. This ability is something Barry Allen took a long time to refine and control. That is something even his other fellow Speed Force users have not been quite able to. The ability to change the past and create time remnants would be the Flash’s trump card in his fight with Superman.

Superman: The Sun

flash vs superman superman-flying-by-sun

This might sound to be a foolish advantage at first. But hear us out. Superman draws his energy from the very source of all life in our planet. The sun gives off a tremendous amount of power and Superman absorbs it to become a God. The Flash has the Speed Force but the intensity with which he draws power from it is a trickle compared to Superman’s. In the One Million timeline, Superman spent thousands of years meditating within the core of the sun. When he finally woke up, he was a literal God. Superman One Million could rip apart the fabric of reality, travel across the multi verse, and was able to break through the source wall and talk to Source itself. Those are feats the Flash has never shown throughout his career as a superhero.

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Flash: Travel Across the Multi Verse

flash vs superman flash multi verse jay garrick

The Flash was one of the first heroes to travel across two parallel universes. As a matter of fact, the power to travel the multi verse is one of the Flash’s greatest and well-known abilities. Superman could never boats of that power. The multi verse has infinite amounts of planets with infinite amounts of heroes the Flash could call for help. So basically he has an endless supply of reinforcements at his beck and call. Superman can travel across the Multi Verse but only in his One Million Avatar. During his regular prime, he could never match the speeds required to pierce the multi verse’s membrane and travel to other alternate worlds.


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