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Former Johnny Depp Agent Tracey Jacobs Blames ‘Alarming’ Spending Habits for Career Downfall

As we all know, Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife Amber Heard in the US state of Virginia. It’s about an article she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018. The court is also learning from friends, family members, and staff who worked with him. And spending time with the former couple during the six-week hearing.

Jhonny Depp in defamation trial
Jhonny Depp in defamation trial

Joel Mandel, who is Johnny Depp’s former business manager. He is the 3rd person to testify in the defamation trial via video conference.

Tracy Jacobs, Johnny Depp’s Former Agent, Said His ‘Stardom Dimmed’

Tracy Jacobs talks about Jhonny Depp in defamation trail
Tracy Jacobs talks about Jhonny Depp in the defamation trial

Mandel along with his brother Robert had a past with Depp, who accused them of mismanaging $650 million of his revenue. The lawsuit was ended in 2018. Mandel gave many statements claiming Depp was less restrained over the years and no longer cared about his emotions. Even if he got angry or lashed out against people.

Depp’s former agent, Tracy Jacobs, also claimed that the Depp became difficult to work with and his star power had dimmed. The business manager acknowledge that Depp’s spending habits became ‘alarming’ after 2011. He had an oxycontin addiction and spent most of this wealth on prescription drugs. He also spent thousands of dollars a day on staff and bodyguards around his house. As per his statements.

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Johnny Depp’s former agent, Tracy Jacobs alleged that Depp needed an earpiece before their contract ended in 2016. Jacobs made a statement saying Depp’s ‘star dimmed’ meaning about his unprofessional attitude. He also said that he romanticized drug culture. She said that she would constantly have to clean up after the troubled star. Jacobs said:

“I never said to him, you’re a difficult client but I was very honest with him and said you’ve got to stop doing this it’s hurting you. And it did.”

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Trial
Johnny Depp Amber Heard Trial

Keeping these aside, also claimed that she never witnessed Depp hit Amber Heard but added that he was likely to outburst. Following the prosecution between Depp and former managers Joel and Robert Mandel, Depp alleged that Jacobs was among them who betrayed his best interest. Jacob added:

“All I know is that he was terminating everyone in his life, and I was just along for the ride”

She also said that Depp was a difficult client to work with. Especially during the final years of their career. He would show up late to projects, including the production of Pirates of the Caribbean 5. She added:


“Crews don’t love sitting around for hours and hours for the star to show up.”

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