Fromsoft Taking So Long to Release Shadow of the Erdtree Reportedly Good News for Elden Ring Fans

Elden Ring developer FromSoftware is taking a long time developing Shadow of the Erdtree, but its not that bad

Fromsoft Taking So Long to Release Shadow of the Erdtree Reportedly Good News for Elden Ring Fans


  • Shadow of the Erdtree is getting bigger than anyone had expected
  • FromSoftware has not talked about it at all
  • The second anniversary of Elden Ring is also approaching fast
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FromSoftware fans have a lot of patience; there’s no doubt about it. They are right up there with GTA fans, who have to wait numerous years just so they can get any news regarding their new games. This has been made clear by the fact that FromSoftware is not talking about their upcoming Elden RIng DLC Shadow of the Erdtree at all.


To make things worse for them FromSoftware suggested in a recent financial report that they are not even ready to talk about the DLC. This might sound like a bad thing to some, but it might not be. In fact, it might be a very good thing for this game.

FromSoftware delaying Shadow of the Erdtree might end up being a good thing

Elden Ring DLC Artwork
Looks like Elden Ring fans will be waiting longer than they thought for this DLC to launch!

It has been discussed a number of times that Elden Ring has a story like no other. Full of secrets and hidden details, its narrative is engaging and full of twists and turns. They do these things with their games very often. Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin have really created a commendable world here with a rich history.


This is what they are trying to expand with Shadow of the Erdtree, a story with thousands of years of history. A story that answers those questions leaves the original game hanging. And besides that, they are redesigning the world that players have spent hours and hours exploring, looking for secrets.

It would no doubt be a tricky job. It’s always hard to one-up something that’s so popular. People have expectations, and to match and sometimes even exceed those expectations, time is required. This is why if FromSoftware is taking so long to develop Shadow of the Erdtree, fans must not worry. They are just going to get something much bigger and better than what they have been hoping for.

A bunch of fans have been wondering if FromSoftware would take them to a new world in this DLC. Or maybe they would go ahead and play with time as they did with their previous games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. This would give them ample reason to just redesign the existing map of the Lands Between.

Elden Ring Empyrean
Mohg Carrying Miquella

Some have suggested that it’s getting so big that it might end up being somewhat of a sequel to the game. This does not seem like a stretch either; after all, a game as big as Elden Ring sure asks for a massive sendoff. Let’s not forget, that Namco Bandai has suggested previously that they count Elden Ring as a valuable IP, and they even went ahead and called the first game just a start.

So, the conclusion here is that if they are taking this long to develop a DLC, they are doing nothing wrong. They have a lot to do here; they have to make sure it’s big enough; they have to make sure it tells a compelling story. They also have to make sure to end this story in a meaningful way, still paving the way for a sequel.

Fans just need to be a little patient with this. It’s not like 2024 has any shortage of awesome games to enjoy. A bunch of new titles, such as Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, are releasing in the next few weeks, which can be a great distraction.


Is FromSoftware waiting on the game’s anniversary?

FromSoft parent company mentions the DLC is in the works in its quarterly financial report.
FromSoft parent company mentions the DLC is in the works in its quarterly financial report.

The game will be two years old on February 25, so fans should expect something to happen then. Developers and publishers do a bunch of things during these anniversaries. Live service titles receive free stuff, while companies like Rockstar Games simply launch trailers for their next game to celebrate the anniversary of one of the most lucrative franchises ever.

It would not be a surprise if FromSoftware ended up giving fans a glimpse at this new DLC during this anniversary celebration. It might be a stretch, though, but what do fans have to lose? They have to wait anyway.


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