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“Gaga has been laying low, she wants to kill it”: Margot Robbie’s Replacement as Harley Quinn, Lady Gaga is Already Feeling the Pressure Ahead of ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’

Margot Robbie's Replacement as Harley Quinn, Lady Gaga is Already Filling the Pressure Ahead of 'Joker Folie à Deux'

Since the old days, when the only place where we could see our favorite superheroes in action was the pages of comic books, readers were also mesmerized by one villain in particular, which happened o be Batman’s arch-nemesis called on the streets by the name of The Joker. The sheer eccentricity and the twisted mind of the clown emperor of Gotham’s underworld was something that captured the attention of its readers from the very beginning.

The different versions of The Joker through the years
The different versions of The Joker through the years

And with DC’s standalone movie about the clown that was experienced by the audience, people have become even more intrigued by the psychotic Batverse villain, all thanks to the exceptional performance by Joaquin Phoenix in DC Films’ Joker. And complementing the absurd critical and commercial success of the previous comes the sequel to the film, which will see the addition of Harley Quinn to the franchise, which will be played by none other than Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga Keeps It Low To Rule With Her Performance As Harley Quinn In Joker: Folie A Deux!

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

While most of the fandom believes that one of the best performances on the big screen as The Joker was achieved by the Late. Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, there is no denying that Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck in DC Films’ Joker was a deeper dive into the history of the clown, that gave us insights into the downward spiral that a comedian goes through the become what he is known today as.

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And with the first receiving so much love from the fans, James Gunn and Peter Safran has greenlighted the next installment of the franchise, which is titled Joker: Folie A Deux, which will feature Harley Quinn, who will be played by Triple Platinum Record holder and heartthrob Lady Gaga. Many of the fans were curious about why the star had been keeping it low with her public appearance and social media, and recently, an insider source revealed that she’s been preparing herself to bring the character of Quinn to life with new energy. The source told ET

“Gaga has been laying low because she is so focused on her work. She’s completely immersed in the Joker sequel and a lot of her energy is going toward that. She is totally in the zone and wants to kill it”

Earlier after hearing the news about the Kingsman star will be taking the role of Quinn in DC, Margot Robbie, who has played the role of the maniac accomplice of The Joker in DCEU, is excited, saying that she believes that Gaga will make one of the best Harley Quinn in the franchise.

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What To Expect From Joker: Folie A Deux?

A still from Joker
A still from Joker

There have been numerous speculations that try to theorize what the upcoming film be like. One of the most compelling theories comes from the title itself, which means shared madness, which hints about the relationship dynamic that will be explored. Along with this, many rumors also point to the possibility that the upcoming adventure of The Joker will be a musical that will focus a little more on Harleen Queenzel than Arthur Fleck.

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Joker: Folie A Deux, in cinemas on 4th October 2024

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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