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“George is a pompous jerk”: Jennifer Lopez’s Bonding With Ben Affleck’s Friend George Clooney Was Reportedly Ruined After His Goofball Behaviour on Set

"George is a pompous jerk": Jennifer Lopez's Bonding With Ben Affleck's Friend George Clooney Was Reportedly Ruined After His Goofball Behaviour on Set

Jennifer Lopez has her share of controversial encounters, but Hollywood is no stranger to feuds and celebrity conflicts. Her rumored rivalry with George Clooney, which allegedly began during their time working together on the film Out of Sight in the late ’90s, has recently been brought back into the spotlight.

George Clooney has praised Jennifer Lopez’s performance in the film, but it appears that George’s praise has not been returned. According to urban legend, J-Lo was not pleased with Clooney’s professionalism on set, and the two have been at odds ever since.

George Clooney’s High Praise for Jennifer Lopez

George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez
George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez

A crime/drama called Out of Sight was released in 1998 and was both well-received by critics and financially successful at the box office. Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney’s on-screen chemistry was a major factor in the movie’s success.

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In interviews, George Clooney gushed about Lopez’s audition, praising her ability to convey the right amount of s*xiness while still ringing true as a dangerous character. He remarked that she was a talented actress and that this role was one of her best.

Despite Clooney’s success, it appears that J-Lo’s time spent in the studio with him was less than ideal. Reportedly, Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney’s alleged feud started because of their different working styles and attitudes on set while filming Out of Sight.

Jennifer Lopez’s Grudge Against George Clooney

George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez
George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez

According to sources, Jennifer Lopez, who was making her acting debut then, was a serious and hardworking actress who found Clooney’s antics beneath her. According to the insider, their professional differences were exacerbated because she found Clooney to be a pompous jerk.


“Jennifer and George couldn’t stand each other during filming. This was her first starring role and she’s a hard worker and didn’t appreciate his goofball behavior. She thinks George is a pompous jerk,”

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It’s possible that tensions between the two stars arose on set due to their contrasting work styles and personalities. Tabloids have claimed that Jennifer Lopez still harbors resentment toward George Clooney because she did not attend an event where her partner, Ben Affleck, and Clooney were both present. The event was a red carpet premier for Affleck’s movie The Tender Bar.

George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez
George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo may still resent George Clooney, as evidenced by her decision to skip the red carpet. Even though Clooney has praised Lopez in the past, their admiration does not appear to be mutual. J-Lo once said that Clooney’s kissing skills were “okay,” implying they lacked chemistry. Their reported feud makes it unlikely that they will work together.

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Other Sources also state that J-Lo is comfortable with Affleck working with Clooney on projects as long as she is not directly involved. The fact that she skipped a premier red carpet event with Ben Affleck because Clooney was present implies that she might still have lingering resentment.

The entertainment industry is full of petty feuds and conflicts, so it’s no surprise that Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney butted heads during the filming Out of Sight.  To what extent J-Lo and Clooney are still at odds with one another is a secret known only to them.

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