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“Get the f—k out of here”: Doctor Strange 2 Star Bruce Campbell Shows Rude Fan His Place During Evil Dead Rise Premiere

“Get the f—k out of here”: Doctor Strange 2 Star Bruce Campbell Shows Rude Fan His Place During Evil Dead Rise Premiere

Within the horror genre, there have been numerous cinematic franchises that have left their mark on the audience and the industry. Among them, the mention of the Evil Dead series often comes up as the underdog of the genre. The series, led by Bruce Campbell’s character Ashley J Williams takes the summoning of devils and other malevolent creatures of darkness and expands upon them with great plots and storylines.

Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell

And with the release of the fourth installment of the series just around the corner, the entire main cast of the film along with Campbell went on a spree to promote the film. But during a Q&A session, an ungrateful and ill-mannered fan decided to destroy the mood, when Campbell took the role of the protagonist again and showed said fan his place.

Bruce Campbell Savagely Took Care Of A Rude Fan

Bruce Campbell as Ash in Evil Dead Rise
Bruce Campbell as Ash

While we might have seen Bruce Campbell work with Sam Raimi in these past years in the original Spider-Man trilogy as well as Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness in recent history, the franchise that made him the cult icon he is today is all thanks to the Evil Dead franchise, which is also one of Raimi’s creations and something that he’s very passionate about. Thus, with the release of the upcoming fourth part, the cast was taking this opportunity to talk with their loyal fanbase, when suddenly there was a hiccup in the peaceful environment.

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While the cast was busy taking questions from the audience, a rude individual shouts at the cast, calling the movie a disaster and saying ‘It Fuc*ing Sucks!’ at the top of his lungs for everyone to hear. When the rest of the audience members started calling him out, the person decided to leave, but not without saying what he said before in the same manner. Thus, fed up with the fan’s attitude, Campbell decided to show them where he is.

Campbell replied to the fan’s rudeness by shouting:

“What are you doing here? Get the fu*k out of here!”

Thus, it’s best to just sit quietly and listen when you are present in the presence of Bruce Campbell and not misbehave, or you might suffer public humiliation.

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What To Expect From Evil Dead Rise?

A still from Evil Dead Rise
A still from Evil Dead Rise

After a long wait, the fourth part of the beloved cult classic franchise is ready to haunt people’s nightmares with Evil Dead Rise. As an unknowing woman opens up a portal to hell and brings about a demon from the depths of darkness, the story will see the advent of horrors beyond comprehension and the struggle to eradicate this from the face of the planet. While Bruce Campbell might not be a part of the film, he ensures that this movie is sure to give you everlasting goosebumps in theatres.

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Evil Dead Rise, in cinemas on 21st April 2023.

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