Ghost of Tsushima’s PC Port’s Incredible Details Leave Everyone Saying the Same Thing: “Let’s get Bloodborne on PC with this level of support”

Wherever whispers of a PC port echo, Bloodborne shall be summoned forth.

Ghost of Tsushima's PC Port's Incredible Details Leave Everyone Saying the Same Thing: "Let's get Bloodborne on PC with this level of support"


  • The PC port offers the full game, cross-play support, and a new PlayStation overlay.
  • The company behind the port, Nixxes, ensures smooth performance across various hardware configurations.
  • With Ghost of Tsushima heading to PC, fans are hoping for a similar treatment for Bloodborne.
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The highly acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima is making its way to PC with an extensive and polished port. Scheduled for release on May 16, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut promises a ton of new features and enhancements.


A detailed statement on it was recently released, and the community is amazed at how much thought has been put into it. Of course, the excitement has only led to chants of people asking for another beloved PS-exclusive game to get the same treatment.

Ghost of Tsushima’s PC Port is Spectacular

The Ghost of Tsushima PC port goes above and beyond to make the experience enjoyable
The Ghost of Tsushima PC port goes above and beyond to make the experience enjoyable.

According to PlayStation Blog, the PC port includes the full game, including the Iki Island expansion and the cooperative multiplayer Legends mode. What’s more, cross-play support allows PC players to team up with their counterparts on PlayStation consoles.


One of the best features of the PC port is the integration of a new PlayStation overlay, being the first port of its kind to do so. This offers access to Friends lists, Trophies, Settings, and Profiles, accessible via the in-game menu or a keyboard shortcut.

For achievement hunters, the PC version offers full support for PlayStation Trophies. Additionally, the game features Achievements on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Nixxes, the team behind the PC port, has promised that Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut runs smoothly across a range of hardware configurations. From older systems to high-end PCs, the game offers plenty of graphics presets to optimize performance and visual quality.


Ultra-wide monitor users will also find the game optimized for their setups, with support for resolutions up to 48:9 and triple monitor configurations.

The game uses advanced rendering technologies such as NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FSR, and Intel XeSS, so players can boost frame rates or enhance image quality.

There’s also extensive controller support and compatibility with the PlayStation DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers when connected via a wired connection.


The Tsushima Port Should Be the New Standard for PC Ports

A hunter must hunt, so let the PC players into the fray!
A hunter must hunt, so let the PC players into the fray!

It’s nothing less than amazing to see what Nixxes has pulled off while porting the game to PC.

You can tell the project is run by passionate professionals who want players across the board to have an enjoyable and memorable experience, running around Tsushima Island as the honorable samurai, Jin Sakai.


People on social media didn’t hold back when expressing their amusement at how well the game was optimized.

And naturally, where there’s chatter about PlayStation exclusives heading to PC, there’s one game that will always be on everyone’s lipsBloodborne.


Can you blame them? People have been waiting for nearly a decade to play the game on PC, and the desperation has caused rumors to float up almost every month about a possible remaster, remake, or sequel.

There are currently whispers of a movie based on the game in the works, which would be better than nothing.

Hopefully, we’ll all get a chance to cleanse the streets of Yharnam together one day.


What PS exclusives do you hope to see on PC? Let us know in the comments below!


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