God of War: Ragnarök Has Already Revealed the Next Two Pantheons Kratos Will Fight in the Sequel – Theory

'God of War: Ragnarok' sequel might take players to some unexpected worlds.

God of War: Ragnarök Has Already Revealed the Next Two Pantheons Kratos Will Fight in the Sequel - Theory


  • 'God of War: Ragnarok' was Kratos' last outing.
  • The game opened even more possibilities of new adventures for Kratos.
  • A dedicated fan might know where he could go next.
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Sony Santa Monica recently surprised its fans with a brand new free DLC for their super hit game God of War: Ragnarok. Amazon is currently in the process of developing a series based on these games too. Finally, the director of God of War (2018), Cory Barlog, is currently working on an ambitious sci-fi title. A lot is happening with Santa Monica nowadays. But fans are mostly interested in the next God of War title.

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There have been a bunch of nods about the next game in the God of War franchise. Including hints that were featured in God of War 2018 and Ragnarok, as well as some rumors and fan theories. But the most significant ones suggest that Kratos might end up fighting some very surprising enemies the next time fans see him.


Fan theory suggests Next God of War would take Kratos to more than one realm

God of War: Ragnarok features numerous breath taking scenarios
Loki talking to the Jörmungandr

Longtime fans of the series would know that God of War might change everything, but it would have to continue one tradition: killing Gods. Kratos, the series protagonist, has a large kill count, and many of his targets have been massively powerful gods. From the lord of the underworld, Hades, to the mighty Thor, no one could defeat him. Heck, he even went as far as to kill his own father to exact his revenge.

This is a relentless guy, and once he sets his eyes on a target, they die no matter what. So, in his original trilogy, he conquered Greek mythology. In the new series that started with God of War (2018), he entered the realm of the Norse gods. But there were a bunch of hints in these two games about where he might go next.


And keeping those in mind, a Reddit user by the name of NickMcSleighten has made some predictions about his journey to come. They talk about the mask that Odin gives Atreus to find its remaining pieces. It appears he wants to use it to access something called “the green scratch.”

And they also suggest that this mask is the key to opening doorways to other locations for Kratos. They came to this conclusion by checking the languages mentioned in it. It appears that photo mode proves to be a very useful tool when someone decides to go lore hunting. The mask features three languages: Greek, Egyptian, and some language that is probably Japanese.

Players can travel through nine realms in Ragnarok
A Still from God of War: Ragnarok

This means Kratos’ next stop might be either Japan or Egypt. All three languages were also depicted on the tapestry players see during the Tyr’s Vault elevator sequence of God of War 2018. They also mention that in God of War (2018), Mimir once mentioned that Odin would control every realm of every land if he could. This suggests that he knows other lands and realms exist; he just does not have the way yet.

This way, it might just be that mask. The final point is that the mask previously belonged to Tyr, who was known to travel through worlds. And once, when he was on his journey, the Jotnar Slaughter happened. He then foresaw his capture, hence breaking that mask into three pieces. The other languages were also one of Tyr’s tricks; he used more than one language as a failsafe. So just in case Odin finds the mask, it would be hard for him to translate it anytime soon.


This is an interesting theory, no doubt. It looks like Redditor Nick McSleighten gave this theory a lot of thought. Let’s wait and see if Sony Santa Monica has similar plans regarding this franchise.

Sony Santa Monica has a lot on its plate at this moment

Oding having a heart to heart with Thor
A Still from God of War: Ragnarok

Besides the next God of War title and the upcoming series, Santa Monica is hard at work on a new third-person action game. Some rumors suggest that it would be sci-fi, and some also suggest that this sci-fi game would have similar gameplay to the God of War franchise. This means it would be a fast-paced action-adventure title with a cinematic story.


This means that any fans wondering what’s next for God of War would have to wait until this sci-fi game nears completion. Maybe the Amazon Prime series will debut way before the next game in this series is even announced.


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