God of War: Ragnarok Gets Ridiculous Player Count Bump Thanks to Newest Feature

There were some substantial numbers for the God of War DLC in the first week of release.


  • Despite only being released for a matter of weeks, the Valhalla DLC has seen a huge spike in player numbers.
  • Even with the increased player numbers, the game is still not top of charts in terms of single week success for 2023.
  • The GOW DLC appears to be more popular than the Star Wars franchise going by reported figures.
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God of War Ragnarok is a game that has seen huge success since its launch in November 2022 and with the recent release of the free DLC, there is bound to be a renewed level of excitement among fans. However, what may surprise many is the sheer level of players who have taken up the option of battling for new trophies.


The attraction of free gaming is an attractive proposition to many in the gaming community and given that it is for one of the most popular franchises that PlayStation has released, then the team at Sony would expect a good pickup. Despite the DLC only being available for a matter of weeks, the uptake by fans will no doubt bring a huge smile to the publishers’ face.

What Numbers Has God of War Ragnarok Seen with its DLC Since its Launch?

God of War
Have you picked up and played through the free DLC for God of War Ragnarok?

The latest instalment in the franchise sees the protagonist Kratos and his now teenage son Atreus in Scandinavia and is viewed as the conclusion of the Norse Mythology part of the series. The term ‘Ragnarok‘ is said to be a pivotal event in Norse Mythology and that it will bring around the end of the Gods, which can be tied in with the previous game, when Kratos killed Baldur.


With the release of the Ragnarok DLC, fans can experience an epilogue to the base game Valhalla, and as seen on TrueTrophies, which got exclusive data from GameInsights, the numbers that took up this option in the first week of release were nothing short of eye-watering. As reported, there was a huge uptake of around 370% players who decided to get back into GOW which saw it record the one of the top ten releases of any game for 2023.

Looking at how GOW Ragnarok: Valhalla ranks in terms of success for a single week in 2023, many may be surprised to learn that it is only at number 7. Given the aforementioned player spike it would be thought that the game would rank slightly higher but that top spot is still occupied by Hogwarts Legacy.

God of War
With a new difficulty level in the Valhalla DLC, many players have been met with a new challenge.

However, what many might find surprising is that the latest instalment for the franchise appears to have more pulling power than that of the Star Wars franchise which came behind Valhalla in the listing.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the sequel to Fallen Order enjoyed a successful launch when it was released in April of this year, but it appears that it pales in comparison to the popularity of Kratos.

Despite this there are a few reasons as to why the DLC could have seen those huge numbers returning. First of all, it is free DLC for what was probably one of the biggest games of 2022, that in itself is a no brainer. Second to note, is that the DLC was released mid-December, when many people are in the midst of finishing up education or work and are more than happy to finally relax and enjoy some down-time.

With a game as popular as GOW it’s no surprise to see such huge player numbers and when you factor in free DLC, it will come as no surprise to anyone that fans will be scrambling to jump aboard. The sheer percentage of players who have taken up the freebie is a testament to the popularity of the franchise and we’re sure fans will be hoping this keeps them engaged until the next exciting instalment.


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