Godzilla vs. Kong: Every Monster Verse Titan Returning for a Rematch

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Many Titans have surfaced over the years in the Monster Verse. With Godzilla vs. Kong about to hit the theaters pretty soon, it would be good to take a gander at all the Titans that could be featured in the three-quel.



This will be Godzilla’s fourth overall appearance in Legendary’s Monster Verse. After fighting two MUTO’s, and then King Ghidorah, Godzilla will head to Skull Island, where he will fight where he will face Kong. Godzilla is the New Alpha and King of all the Titan Monsters of Earth. Kong will soon challenge him for the throne. It will be battle to remember.



When King Ghidorah summoned all the titans to bow down to him, Kong was surprisingly not among them. Some say that Kong did not answer them because he does not bow down to any alpha, whether it was King Ghidorah or Godzilla. Maybe that is the reason Kong and Godzilla clash in Godzilla vs. Kong. Kong will have to gain a significant increase in size if he has to fight Godzilla. Considering the events of Skull Island happened 40 years ago within the current continuity, Kong must have aged into a full-blown Titanic Gorilla whose punches can make even Godzilla bleed.

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King Ghidorah

The False King Ghidorah was annihilated after Godzilla used his Nuclear Pulse Ability to summarily destroy his healing factor and take him down for good. But one of Ghidorah’s three heads survived. There is now one of two possibilities for his return to the scene. He either regenerates an entirely new body for him-self from scratch or a mechanical body is used to turn him into the Mecha-Ghidorah, a fearsome being that could team up with Mecha-Godzilla to fight Kong and Godzilla.



Rodan is the three of the powerful Toho Kaiju that appeared in King of Monsters. Roosting himself in a volcanic crevice, Rodan fed on the energy of the Earth’s thermal core. His giant wings can take down entire squadrons. His ability to generate giant heat waves is also very useful in a fight. Rodan will be the easiest to bring back for the third Godzilla movie since he never really died. He just found another volcanic nest to rest in till he was summoned again by the New Alpha. Rodan and Godzilla have worked in the past several times in the movies so seeing them together should not take anybody by surprise.


Mothra is regarded as the Queen of the Monsters. She died fighting Ghidorah and giving the last of her life force to Godzilla so that he could defeat the alien titan and end his tyranny. The Titan may be dead but Mothra never really dies. She is pretty much immortal since when Mothra dies, her memories are transferred to her offspring, thus giving her a form of pseudo-immortality. Before Mothra left for battle, she laid an egg that is supposed to hatch in 10,000 years, giving rise to a new Mothra. But if Godzilla is in need of assistance, Mothra might have to come sooner than expected.



The MUTOs were the first hostile titans that Godzilla fought in the first Godzilla movie. MUTO stands for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism. They are violent creatures that feed on radiation and are big enough to level entire buildings. In the 2014 movie, Godzilla took down two MUTOs. But another MUTO has been confirmed to exist within the Godzilla Universe. This third MUTO is female and has several physical differences from the previous two MUTOs. For starters, it is female and has a size that easily dwarfs the other two monsters. For some reason, Godzilla has not attacked and neutralized this monster. Maybe he is saving the best for the last.



It has been a long time since we have seen Scylla battle the King of Monsters. Scylla began her life underwater. She was seen dwelling right below a massive oil rig in the heart of Arizona. Scylla lived most of its life within the massive under water lakes below the surface. She has an armored exo-skeleton and massive legs that can tear through concrete and asphalt like hot knife through butter. It was recently confirmed in the movie’s credits that Scylla was the inspiration behind the giant creature in Homer’s Odyssey.


The rights to the monster Anguirus have not been handed over to Legendary. That was the status quo during the release of Godzilla 2: King of Monsters. Anguirus is one of Godzilla’s oldest allies in the original monster movies. A skeleton belonging to Anguirus was spotted in one of the scenes in the second Godzilla movie. During the human expedition to the underwater kingdom at the center of the Earth, a skeleton within the ruins of the lost city could be seen. The skeletal remains look quite similar to Anguirus although the Mike Dougherty, Director of King of Monsters, claimed that it “may or may not” be the case. If Legendary has acquired the rights to Anguirus, then we could see him back in action again. Maybe one of the descendants also loved along with Godzilla within the underwater tunnels.



Methuselah, along with Scylla, Behemoth, and the Third MUTO, are the four original Monster Verse Titans that made a live action appearance during Godzilla 2: King of Monsters. When King Ghidorah defeated Godzilla to establish him-self as the new alpha, it was these four titans that first submitted to his rule. Methuselah is a gigantic rock like four-legged monster that ripped apart the earth and emerged out of the bed rock of Germany. He will probably have a part to play in Godzilla vs. Kong.

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Behemoth is one of the oldest beings in the Monster Verse. His origins date back to near biblical times! Behemoth, as a matter of fact, has actually been mentioned as a monster in the Holy Bible. It was that monster that appears in the modern times as the Titan Behemoth. If the Godzilla Novelization is true, then Behemoth’s age is more than 12,000 years. The monster is not known to put up a big fight. His entire anatomy is built rather for defence than offense. But we are sure Behemoth can put those big tusks of his to good use if a New Alpha enters the scene.


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