Goten Not Only Got Goku’s Best Abilities but Also His Worst Ones in Dragon Ball

Father and son share similarities, advantageous with Goku's strength, but problematic as Goten adopts Goku's flaws in Dragon Ball GT

goten not only got goku’s best abilities but also his worst ones in dragon ball


  • Goku and Goten are alike in many ways, not just because they're father and son.
  • While this isn't a big issue for Goku, who is a strong fighter, Dragon Ball GT reveals that Goten inherited both his dad's best skills and his biggest weakness.
  • Like Goku, Goten has a problem – he often lets his guard down in tough fights.

Goku and Goten have a lot in common, more than just being father and son. They share similarities in looks, carefree attitude, love for fighting, and a tendency for mischief.

This isn’t necessarily a problem since Goku is a powerful fighter. However, Dragon Ball GT shows that Goten inherited not only Goku’s best abilities but also his worst traits.

Goten in Dragon Ball GT
Goten in Dragon Ball GT

In simpler terms, both father and son are alike in many ways, and while that’s generally fine given Goku’s strength, it becomes a downside as Goten also takes on Goku’s negative qualities in Dragon Ball GT.

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Like Father, Like Son: Exploring the Parallel Traits

Goten appeared in Dragon Ball Z after a jump in time following the Cell Saga. In this storyline, Goten’s father, Goku, died in battle. Initially, Goten was a cheerful kid who enjoyed sneaking into tournaments with his friend Trunks and getting into trouble.

However, it was soon revealed that Goten possessed a formidable power—he could go Super Saiyan before turning ten, even without training from his deceased father. This showcased that Goten inherited Goku’s immense power level, making his basic energy reading quite remarkable.

Trunks and Goten

This was before he underwent intense training with Trunks leading up to the Majin Buu Saga. Thanks to Goku, Goten had an advantage over many villains, especially those on Earth. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing Goku passed down to him.


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Parallel Drawbacks in Goku and Goten’s Dynamic in Dragon Ball GT

In Dragon Ball GT Season 1, Episode 26, the menacing Machine Mutant Baby unleashes havoc on Earth, seeking Saiyans to possess and steal power from. Goten, compelled to intervene, abandons a date to confront this formidable foe.

Dragon Ball GT – Baby
Dragon Ball GT – Baby

However, akin to his father Goku’s notorious tendency, Goten exhibits a concerning flaw – he frequently drops his guard during intense battles. This vulnerability becomes glaringly apparent when, amidst the confrontation with Baby, Goten casually answers a call from a girl, adopting a relaxed pose in mid-air. This echoes Goku’s lapses against Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z and Frieza in Dragon Ball Super.

The parallel between father and son is striking, emphasizing a hereditary weakness in the Saiyan bloodline. Goten, facing one of the strongest foes he’s encountered, inadvertently mirrors Goku’s past mistakes. This lapse in focus and disregard for maintaining defenses underlines a crucial aspect of Goku’s character that Goten seems to have inherited – a trait that proves detrimental in the heat of battle.

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