This Handy Graphic Tell You What Time the GTA 6 Trailer Will Premiere In Your Region

We know when you can see the GTA 6 trailer, wherever you are in the world.


  • It is a matter of days before fans get their first glimpse at GTA 6.
  • We have a handy map of when you will be able to view the trailer, depending on your region.
  • The trailer will hopefully confirm some of the rumours which have been abound since its announcement.
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The GTA 6 trailer is a matter of days away and as expected, the excitement amongst fans is palatable. Over ten years have passed since the last instalment with GTA 5, and fans have been crying out for a new game. Well despite Rockstar attempting to keep it under their hats for some time, the development of the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto franchise is well underway.


For many fans the recent confirmation from Rockstar that the first trailer will debut on 5 December will be viewed as Christmas come early, such is this excitement for this game. However, one question fans will no doubt be asking is ‘What time can I watch it?’ and we have a handy map that highlights the debut time for different regions across the world.

A look at when the GTA 6 Trailer will be available to those worldwide.

GTA 6 Trailer
Where in the world will you be watching the GTA 6 trailer, and will you have to set an alarm?

It’s important to know that this graphic is not official, but the time zones are all matching up, so we can assume that it will be correct. It was made by Ben of VideoTech.


For those on the West Coast of America, you may want to set alarms early as the trailer will go live at 6 a.m. and we’re sure many fans will not want to miss out on this first reveal. Looking at the East Coast of the Rockstar map, there are times for Vice City and Liberty City which could be subtle hints of the locations that will feature in the upcoming game.

Whilst these locations are still to be confirmed, those on the East Coast can view the GTA 6 trailer from 9 a.m. onwards with some South American countries getting this a couple of hours later at 11 a.m. UK fans will have to wait until 2 p.m. for a first reveal with some European countries slightly later at 3 p.m., whilst some Middle Eastern countries and parts of Russia can view this from 5 pm.

The GTA 6 trailer will be available to fans in India at around 7.30 p.m. whilst those in Japan and South Korea should have this at 11 p.m. respectively. Those in Australia may have to wait slightly longer to those on opposing coasts as the trailer will be available to those in Perth from 10 p.m. whereas fans in Sydney will have to wait until 1 a.m. on Wednesday with New Zealand getting this slightly later at 3 a.m.


Regardless of where you are in the world, there is an expectation that this trailer will have a record number of views from fans across the globe, and with over a decade since the last game, it is easy to see why. With technology moving on significantly since the GTA V release of 2013, many fans are already hyped about how the latest Grand Theft Auto game will look on current-gen consoles.

As expected with this much-loved franchise, the announcement of any new game sees a plethora of rumor and speculation regarding what to expect and although there is no confirmation from Rockstar yet, some industry insiders have been leaving some breadcrumbs for fans to follow. Some more than others have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The most significant rumor regarding the upcoming game is that it will feature a set of Bonnie & Clyde-based protagonists and fans are hopeful that this will either be confirmed or denied with the first GTA 6 trailer. If it is indeed true then it would certainly fit into the style of a Grand Theft Auto game with bank robbing being a predominant part of the gameplay but as stated, this is still to be confirmed.

Rockstar Games announced yesterday that the first trailer for the next GTA title will drop on the 5th of December.
Does the Rockstar image allude to where GTA 6 will be set?

It is hoped that the upcoming GTA 6 trailer will finally provide clarity on some of the rumors that have been circulating the game since it was first confirmed by Rockstar in February 2022. Given the length of time fans have had to wait since the last game, it is understandable why the hype and expectation is at such a high level and hopefully with the first trailer, fans will delight in the reveal.

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