Greatest Action Movie Stars Of All Time, Ranked

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There is a massive fanbase of the action movie genre that is only increasing with time. Creating a good action movie usually requires exceptional direction and videography. However, it’s not just limited to that. The most significant part is played by the actor who is visible on screen. Action movie actors don’t just have to be good artists but also possess actual knowledge of martial arts. They often stand the risk of getting severely injured, and yet these heroes dedicate themselves to our entertainment. Here is a list bowing down to some of the most incredible action movie stars of all time.

  1. Harrison Ford- Yes, Indiana Jones himself! Born in 1942, Ford stands in the 7th position of the highest-grossing domestic box office stars. Rick Deckard from Blade Runner was one of Ford’s most iconic performances. He has also reestablished some pre-existing characters like Jack Ryan. And to top it off, his performance in the action movie, “Air Force One,” is unforgettable. The fact that all of Ford’s characters are so different from one another proves that he’s quite the risk-taker in real life as well. But one really shouldn’t worry when they’re Harrison Ford!Harrison Ford- action movie

  2. Tom Cruise- In today’s time, when you talk about the action movie genre, the first name that comes up is Tom Cruise’s. Even though he is a versatile actor, his accomplishments in action-based roles are extraordinary. The movie series “Mission Impossible” is one of Tom’s most significant achievements. He is known to perform his stunts on his own. Tom has risked his life on multiple occasions, showing an unbeatable dedication towards his work. That’s Tom Cruise for you all!Tom Cruise- action movie

  3. Sigourney Weaver- Many of you will still recognize her as Ellen Ripley. That is the impact of her role in the famous movie series ‘Alien.’ Some people may not consider it an action movie, but her role sure demanded some of the most challenging stunts, which made her character a sole survivor. We are all waiting for the upcoming sequels of the movie ‘Avatar.”Sigourney Weaver- action movie

  4. Jackie Chan- The lifeline of Hong King, Jackie Chan, is a global figure. Plotting oneself on the vast map of Hollywood isn’t an easy task, especially as an outsider. But nothing is impossible when you’re Jackie Chan. His expertise in martial arts is, to date, unmatched. Chan understands the importance of art and has been working with the same stunt crew all his career. Having worked alongside Bruce Lee- a whole other legend, Chan’s roots in the action movie industry has taken a permanent grasp.Jackie Chan- action movie

  5. Keanu Reeves- “Point Break” was probably the real point breaker in Reeves’s career. His journey in the action movie industry has only shone brighter since then. However, his popularity crossed all boundaries after his role in ‘The Matrix.” “Speed” was another one of Reeve’s movies that put him on the map.Keanu Reeves- action movie

  6. Michelle Yeoh- Much like Jackie Chan, Yeoh’s skills in martial arts are mind-blowing. She herself performs all the stunts that her role demands. Her performance in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” is nothing less than iconic. In fact, how many of you have caught her work in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? She is entirely a breeze of action-packed refreshment.Michelle Yeoh- action movie

  7. Kurt Russell- In his time, the definition of an action hero was limited to a straight face, fearless, tough guy. Russell changed this notion. Other than some iconic action scenes, he was able to make the audience laugh by being vulnerable. His contribution to the action movie industry is of the highest order.Kurt Russell- action movie


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